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Obviously its Michael Jackson THE KING OF POP.

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Who is the best popstar in the world?

it depends whos the best popstar in the world people have there own opinion

Who is the best teen popstar?

the best teen popstar is Hannah Montana or Miley Cyrus i luv her!

Is Miley Cyrus a popstar or a rockstar?

Miley Cyrus is a popstar Miley Cyrus is a popstar

What is a popstar?

a popstar is someone whos is famous

Who is the best female popstar?

Of course it´s madonna. She is the queen and she has n comparison

Who is miley cyrus's best popstar?

Nick Jonas, she's still in love with him

Hannah Montana popstar?

Hannah Montana, popstar!!

Will you please vote for Leona Lewis for MTV best reality tv popstar?

I think Leona Lewis is the greatest tv reality popstar ever! On x factor she was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Miley is still a popstar?

Yes,Miley is still a Popstar

When did PopStar Guitar happen?

PopStar Guitar happened in 2008.

What is the duration of Popstar Kids?

The duration of Popstar Kids is 3600.0 seconds.

What actors and actresses appeared in Wannabe Popstar - 2008?

The cast of Wannabe Popstar - 2008 includes: Calum Best Chanelle Hayes as herself Ben Ofoedu as himself Jeany Savage

When did Katy Perry become a popstar?

Katy Perry became a popstar in 2007!

When was PopStar Guitar created?

PopStar Guitar was created on 2008-11-18.

Who is the newest popstar in 2012?

Ellie Goulding! boy is she the best of the best. Hey you. Deffently listen to her song Lights. Best singer ever and best song ever.

Who is the youngest popstar in the world?

Jackie Evancho is the world's youngest popstar. Her opera is phenomenal!

How do you say popstar in french?

"Une popstar." It's a slang word, taken from English.

Can a Muslim be a popstar?

Why not?

Is Erin a popstar?


Who is the biggest popstar in the world?

Justin bieber is the biggest popstar in the world 75% of the world voted for him

Who was the first popstar?

There is no real definition, but Frank Sinatra is often considered the first modern popstar.

What are the ratings and certificates for Popstar - 2000?

Popstar - 2000 is rated/received certificates of: Brazil:Livre

What teen popstar sang this is the life?

Answer to what teen popstar sang this ..Hannah Montana sang this is the life i love her!

How do you become a popstar?

Anyone could be a popstar but you have to have dignity and lots of spare time. Join a singing class.

Is popstar magazine a gossip magazine?

There is some gossip in Popstar. There is also fun quizzes and contests, too!