Who is the best psychiatrist in hyderabad?

To answer this question we should understand how to know whether a Psychiatrist is a good one or not. Psychiatrist who gives time to tell your problem, explains you as to why and how the problem as occurred to you and then justifies the medications he prescribes with not too much complicated prescriptions. So now you can find one by your self. I had a good experience with one of the psychiatrists whom i met in Hyderabad he is Dr M Phani Prasant who works at care hospital. you can judge by yourself.
One of my friends had alcohol problem and my cousin had depression. I took them to One Dr. Naresh Vadlamani, Consultant psychiatrist at Care Hospitals, Musheerabad and Care Clinics, HUDA Complex Tarnaka. He prescribed medications( not sedatives) and did counseling as well. In fact, both of them recovered remarkably and are now leading good lives. I owe it to Dr. Naresh for saving their education, careers and families as well.

He can be contacted on 040-30219000 and 040-32599000 for appointments.