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Who is the best quarterback in Colts history?

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Johnny Unitas was the best QB in Colts history because he was inducted into the hall of fame in 1979. He was a 10-time Pro Bowler and 5-team First-Team All-Pro. He threw 40,239 yards and 290 touchdowns which are records in the Colts team history. Since this question is asking for an opinion than you have to mention one other QB, Peyton Manning. Since he is still active his career numbers are not really up there with Unitas's, but he's a 3 time MVP and a Super Bowl Champion. When he retires he will certainly go the HOF and will certainly be considered one of the best QB's of all time.

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The best QB in history?

Tony Romo, not only sucks, but is obviously not the best. Peyton Manning of the Colts is by far the best quarterback in NFL history.

Who is quarterback for Indianapolis Colts?

only the best quarterback ever, mr Peyton manning

Who is the 2012 colts quarterback?

Andrew Luck is the quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts. He was drafter by the Colts in 2012. Andrew Luck attended Stanford college prior to playing for the Colts. Andrew remains the Colts quarterback.

Colts alternative quarterback?

The Colts backup quarterback for the 2007 season is Jim Sorgi.

Who was the first quarterback of the Indianapolis Colts?

Mike Pagel was the first quarterback of the Indianapolis Colts.

Who is the colts quarterback?

Peyton Manning has been the starting quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts since 1998.

Who is the quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts?

The current starting quarterback for the Colts is Peyton Manning. His backup is Curtis Painter.

Who is the quaterback for the Indianapolis Colts?

Peyton Manning is the quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts.

Who is the quarterback for the Colts?

Peyton Manning.

Where is the team Colts from?

Indianapolis, currently, with Peyton Manning as the star quarterback. Originally, they were the Baltimore Colts and Johnny Unitas was their star quarterback.

Who is the best player on the NFL team Indianapolis Colts?

Peyton Manning who played for the Indianapolis Colts from 1998-2011 is the best player to have ever been on the Colts team. Manning was a quarterback and led the team to ten straight playoffs.

Who is the second team quarterback for the Colts?

For the 2008 season, that is Jim Sorgi who has been the Colts second team quarterback since the 2004 season.

Are the Indianapolis Colts the best team in the NFL?

Yes and they will always be the best team in the NFL because they have Peyton Manning the BEST quarterback EVER!!

Who was the colts quarterback in 1988?

Jack Trudeau

Who was the quarterback for the colts in 1967?

Johnny Unitas

Who was the best quarterback in the history of the NFL?

Johnny unitas.

Is Tom Brady a good quarterback?

tom brady is the best quarterback in the history of football

Were the Indianapolis Colts ever the Jacksonville colts?

No, they were the Baltimore Colts from 1953 until 1983. They won the Super Bowl in 1970 and their best known player was probably Johnny Unitas, the quarterback. The Jacksonville NFL team is the Jaguars.

Who is colts 2nd string quarterback?

Jim Sorgi

Who has been a Indianapolis Colts Quarterback?

Peyton Manning

Who is the the backup quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts?

Curtis Painter.

Who was the 1977 quarterback for the Baltimore Colts?

Bert Jones.

Who was the last quarterback for the Baltimore colts?

Mike Pagel.

Who was the Bsltimore colts quarterback in 1971?

John Unitas.

Who is the captain of the Indianapolis Colts?

Quarterback Peyton Manning.

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