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personally i would say dual moguls, its very exciting ariels is pretty cool as well slopestyle or pipe competitions.

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What is a sentence for skiing?

They are going skiing next year.I had fun skiing with my best friends.

Is Austria a skiing country?

Yes. Austria is best in the world in alpine skiing.

What resort is best for Colorado skiing?

A resort that is considered the best for Colorado skiing is Beaver Creek Resort. The Beaver Creek Resort is a regular host of world cup skiing events.

What is the ideal skiing temp?

I would say -3c to -5c is the best temperature for skiing.

Why is skiing popular in France?

Skiing is popular in France because of the plethora of resort at which to ski. Some of the best skiing in the world is found in the French Alps.

What is Aspen best known for?

Great skiing!

What best describes spectator ions?

Ions that do not participate in the reaction.

Where can one apply for skiing insurance?

There are several companies that offer skiing insurance. The best option may be to speak to a financial advisor who can explain what the best deals are.

Who has the best record in freestyle skiing?

alberto tomba

What country's the best at cross country skiing?


Is Rembrandt the best?

This is for each spectator to decide. But he is the favorite of many experts.

What are the best mountains for skiing in Bulgaria?

According to various websites, the best mountain in Bulgaria for skiing, is the Vitosha mountain. The Vitosha mountain is situated close to the capital of Bulgaria.

What is the best kind of womens coat to wear for skiing?

Any kind of good insulated snowboard/ski jacket would be the best choice of coat to wear for skiing.

Is Utah the best place to go skiing?

nope jasna in slovikia is the best!

What has the author The Spectator written?

The Spectator. has written: 'The Spectator in 4 volumes'

Which of the following best describes spectator ions?

(Apex) Ions that do not participate in the reaction

Which country is the best at Cross-country skiing?


Where is the best place to go skiing in December?

your moms house

What does spectator mean?

A spectator is one who watches. An observer. A viewer.A spectator is somebody that watches something.A spectator is one who watches. An observer

What month is the best month to go skiing in Australia?

August is probably the best month for skiing. Sometimes the snow is a bit late to come, and July cannot guarantee good snowfalls.

Does Michigan or West Virginia have the best snow skiing?

Neither state is notes for good skiing. Small amounts of vertical combined small amounts of natural snow result in poor skiing conditions

When is the best time of year to go skiing?

Well that certainly depends on where you plan on skiing. Different destinations have different optimal times. Also, it depends on your tastes. If you don't like crowds, spring skiing may be best for you but the snow won't be as good.I would say about March is a good time to go skiing if you are going to somewhere like France

What is a spectator?

A spectator is a person who watches an event.

What actors and actresses appeared in Carnival - 2007?

The cast of Carnival - 2007 includes: Rosario Alair as Spectator George Blum as Spectator Troy Brajkovich as Spectator Zachary Brenner as Spectator April Brenner as Spectator Marian Cabuto as Woman in Carriage Bart Cameron as Spectator Paul De Santiago as Spectator Bill Julian as Man in Carriage Frank Lazzaro as Drum Player Jillian Lee as Girl in Carnival Dan Margules as Spectator Aaron Nadeau as Spectator Azfar Najmi as Spectator Chris Paffendorf as Janitor Robert Roteler as Mandolin Player Katja Sarian as Spectator Anthony Sarian as Spectator Janae Wilder as Spectator

What are different kinds of skiing?

There are two main parts of skiing which are sand skiing and snow skiing. classes include trick skiing and freestyle skiing.

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