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The real answer is, "best" is a matter of opinion. It's like asking "What's the best car to buy?"

All depends on your musical taste. Some would say Miles Davis, others might argue Louis Armstrong. Could go on forever...

Dizzy Gillepsi

Wynton Marsalis

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Who is miles Davis?

Miles Davis was a professional trumpet player. Who was Miles Davis? He was the BEST Trumpet player whoever lived!

What is the best trumpet in the world?

There is no "best" trumpet. Even among top tier trumpets, one trumpet may suit one player, but not work well for another.

How many octaves can the best trumpet player hit?

There is no certain "best trumpet player", but there are recordings of players "screaming" as high as 5 octaves above staff. Screaming refers to the type of sound the trumpet makes at those pitches.

How do you know if you are a trumpet player?

Do you play the trumpet? Congratulations, you are a trumpet player.

Does trumpet 1 mean you are better than trumpet 3?

Yes, the trumpet 1 part is normally harder than trumpet 2 or 3 and normally the best player or players play on the first trumpet part.

Who is the best living trumpet player?

i would say Wynton Marsalis

Was Miles Davis the best jazz trumpet player of all time?


What is the player a trumpet called?

A "trumpet player" can be called a trumpeter. :)

What actors and actresses appeared in The Trumpet Player - 2014?

The cast of The Trumpet Player - 2014 includes: Franklin Killian as Trumpet Player

What mouth piece did art blakey use on trumpet?

Are you sure you mean Art Blakey? To the best of my knowledge, he was a jazz drummer, not a trumpet player.

What is the answer to the analogy lion is to roar as what is to trumpet?

Player. The lion makes the roar, and the player plays the trumpet.

Is Louis Armstrong the best trumpet player who evrer lived?

"Best" is a matter of opinion, and there is no real way to answer the question.

What instrument did Miles Davis play?

AnswerMiles Davis was a jazz trumpet player.miles Davis was actually just a trumpet player

Who is the well- known trumpet player?

An example of a well-know trumpet player is Wynton Marsalis.

What is the range of the trumpet?

The range of a trumpet depends only on the ability of the trumpet player. As a trumpet player myself I have a range from two c's below the staff to a e above the staff. My trumpet instructor now can reach much lower and higher noter that I can.

What is the best Bach trumpet?

The Bach Stradivarius line of trumpet models is generally considered their top trumpet.

What is the average salary for a professional trumpet player in an orchestra?

The average professional trumpet player salary is $66,500 yearly. Why are you asking?

What is the best brass instrument?

The best brass instrument is the trumpet because if you play all of the brass instruments the trumpet will sound the best

In the trumpet of the Swan carton who was the trumpet player that play the music?

Michael "Patches" Stewart

How does a player of the trumpet produce the sound?

They blow into the trumpet with there lips tight and with a lot of air.

How do you play party rock anthem on trumpet?

i have no clue im a trumpet player at school

What can a trumpet player put in the the bell to make the sound softer?

Put a trumpet mute in.

Who was the world greatest trumpet player?

Louis Armstrong was probably the most famous trumpet player, but the greatest one depends on your opinion.

Who is famous for a bent up trumpet?

The trumpet player who is most famous for his bent up trumpet is Dizzy Gillespie. Hope that helps!

What kind of Music best associated with the trumpet?

Jazz is usually associated with the trumpet.

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