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Eminem this question is more of an opion

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Was Ryan woodie the rapper a white male?

The first white rapper was Emehiem but the best white rapper is Soulja boy. He is totally awesome!!! to correct some missinformation soulja boy is African-American not white.

Who is the best white rapper?

The Best White Rapper is Enimen

Is Eminem the best white rapper?

Not only the best WHITE rapper, but the best rapper alive or dead.

Is the best rapper white?

the best rapper is white and not american dont know the name but they probably austrailian

Who is the best male rapper alive?

Defiantly Tupac Shakur (better known as 2pac). The best male rapper (not alive, but we were all alive at some point).

Is rapper pitbull white?

Pitbull is a white Hispanic male of Cuban descent.

Why is Eminem the best rapper alive?

I don t think he is the best rapper. He is one of the best white rappers though. He seems to rap what is in his heart

Who is the best male rapper?

Lil Wayne is da best rapper alive i don't give a care what people say anyone wanna disagree we can fight

Is Eminem the first white rapper?

no, DJ Flash is, but eminem is the best.

A awesome white rapper?

a nice hot white good awsome rapper is emaniem..

Is bowwow a girl?

no, he is a male rapper.

Is 50 Cent a female or male?

The rapper 50 Cent, is male.

Who's the best rapper alive?

The Best Rapper Alive is Eminem

Who is the best chicano rapper?

the best chicano rapper is mr criminal!

What is the best rapper alive name?

The Game is the best rapper alive.

First white rapper?

From the Answer-man12 Truthfully the Beasty boys were the first white rappers, while Vanilla Ice was the first white rapper.

Who is the cutest male rapper?

This is an opinional question, so there is no right answer. The answer is who YOU believe is the cutest male rapper!

Is Nicki Minaj the best female rapper?

Nicki Minaj is the best rapper to me.

Whose the best rapper ever?

Tech N9ne is the best rapper out there. (I believeee)

Who s the best Russian rapper?

Rapper Timati is the best check em out.

Who is ther best rapper alive?

Lil Wayne is the best rapper alive

Who is the all time best rapper?

Eminem is the best rapper of all time

Who is the best rapper a live?

i think the best rapper a live is weezy f baby i think the best rapper a live is weezy f baby

Is Eminem a white raper?

No, he's a White Rapper!

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