Who is the biggest selling female solo artist in the world?

Nobody knows for sure because back in the day there was no organisation that followed worldwide sales. Based on record companies of each diva, numbers that can't be verified 100%, the biggest selling female artist is a battle between: Madonna, Whitney Houston, Celine Dion and Mariah Carey.

Artists 'claimed' to have sold 250 million records or more worldwide: if we combine both albums, dvds, videos and singles sales worldwide.

ABBA Sweden 70s-80s Pop

Alla Pugacheva Russia 70s-00s Pop

The Beatles UK 60s-70s Rock / Pop

Bing Crosby U.S. 20s-70s Pop

Chubby Checker U.S. 60s-00s Pop / R&B

Cliff Richard UK 50s-00s Pop

Elton John UK 60s-00s Pop

Elvis Presley U.S. 50s-70s Rock / Pop

Frank Sinatra U.S. 30s-90s Pop

Julio Iglesias Spain 70s-00s Pop /Latin

Led Zeppelin UK 60s-80s Hard Metal

Madonna U.S. 80s-00s Pop /Dance

Michael Jackson U.S. 60s-00s Pop

Nana Mouskouri Greece 60s-00s Pop

Pink Floyd UK 60s-90s Rock

Queen UK 70s-00s Hard Rock

Rod Stewart UK 60s-00s Rock / Pop

Tino Rossi France 30s-80s Pop

Madonna is the top selling female recording artist in the U.S but if you're going to break it down, in the album category, she is second to Barbra Streisand with 63.5 x certified platinum status by RIAA.