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Who is the blonde actor in Harry Potter the movies?


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It would either be Hermione Granger or Luna lovegood =]

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There is no character, actor or crew member called Annabeth Potter involved with the Harry Potter movies.

The actor for the "Harry Potter" character is called Daniel Radcliffe.

Harry Potter is a famous character not an actor. He doesn't actually exist.Daniel Radcliffe portrays Harry Potter in the movies, he is a famous actor from England.

if you mean the actor that played Harry Potter in the movies then it was Daniel Radcliffe

There are loads of famous actors in the Harry Potter movies. The majority of famous British actors are in it.

Alan Radcliffe is not a actor in the Harry Potter films.

Sean Biggerstaff is the actor who played Oliver Wood in the Harry Potter movies.

Daniel Radcliffe played Harry in all eight Harry Potter movies.

Daniel Radcliffe. i think so because he plays harry potter.

Winky does not appear in the Harry Potter movies. No voice actor was cast for her role.

Rupert Grint is the name of the actor who played Ron Weasley in all eight Harry Potter movies.

Daniel Radcliff plays Harry Potter in the movies

Harry Potter's Real name is Harry potter and he's a wizard -_-The actors name is Daniel Radcliff and he's a actor and has been in quite alot of movies and ect.

Matthew Lewis is an actor in the Harry Potter series. You can check for the actor on the Internet Movie Database as well as see him in many Harry Potter movies.

Harry Potter is no an actor, he is an Auror.

Yes the actor that played Dumbledore in the first two Harry Potter movies died, but the actor that played Dumbledore in Harry Potter 3-7 is alive

Alec Hopkins is an actor in Harry Potter, not a character. He played the Young Severus Snape.

Since Harry Potter is a fictional character who does not exist, meeting him is impossible. the most you can do is meet the actor who played him in the movies, or meet another actor dressed as the character.

No, Tom Felton played Draco Malfoy in every Harry Potter movie.

No. A Harry Potter actor (Rupert Grint) did star in his new music video 'Lego House' though.

No. Harry Potter is a character, and Daniel Radcliffe is the actor who plays him.

Daniel Radcliffe is famous because he is a well-known actor. He is best known for his role as Harry Potter in the Harry Potter movies.

Probably because in the book Malfoy's hair is white. (who is Tom Felton's Actor in Harry Potter.)

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