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Zeus ruled over the gods on Mount Olympus.

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In greek mythology the chief god was?

In greek mythology the chief god was Zeus god of the sky and of thunder because he wielded around a thunderbolt.Apollo is considered to be chief of the Greek Gods. There are a few more Greek Gods.

How many chief gods are there in Greek Mythology?

There are 12 Olympian gods.

How would you say many gods in greek?

The chief gods of Greek mythology were commonly referred to as the Pantheon.πολλούς θεούςthis is the way to write 'many gods' in greek.

In Greek mythology which of the gods or goddess was not born to be immortal?

None of them. Gods and goddesses have to be immortal in Greek Mythology.

Who was the king of gods in the Greek mythology?

Zeus is king of the greek gods

What did Greek mythology call Blood of the Gods?

Greek mythology called the blood of the gods, ichor. (golden blood.)

What is Rome in Greek mythology?

Greek mythology is about the ancient Greek gods. Rome was not an ancient Greek god.

What is the greek mythology in Percy Jackson and the Olympians?

Greek Mythology is a study of Greek Gods and Goddesses'

What gods in Greek mythology died?

Gods do not die.

Who were the gods in Greek mythology?

The gods in Greek mythology were the immortal descendants of the titans Cronus and Rhea. See 'related links' for a list of all the gods.

How old are the Greek gods?

Greek mythology has no chronology.

What is the name of the belief of greek gods?

Greek Mythology.

Who are the spiritual leaders of Greek mythology?

There is not a greek mythology leader; it is based on gods and goddesses.

Do the gods in Greek mythology existed?

The gods in Greek Mythology were just legends. Such as Atlas the god that held the earth and sky, and Zeus the god of all gods.

What is the difference between the Greek mythology and the Egyptian mythology?

well first of all, Greek mythology isn't even related to Egyptian mythology. you might be confused with Greek mythology and roman mythology. those are related. anyways Egyptian mythology has way different gods and goddesses than in Greek mythology. also Egyptians believed their Pharaohs were gods along with their gods that aren't physically on earth. Greeks didn't believe their leaders to be gods.

Who is the messanger of the gods?

In Greek Mythology, the messenger of the gods is Hermes. In Roman Mythology, the messenger is Mercury.

Who was chief of the Greek gods?

It was cronus but ZEUS won it over....Zeus is the chief of Greek gods and goddesses.

In Roman mythology who is the leader of the gods?

In Roman mythology, the leader of the gods is Jupiter. He is the Roman equivalent of Zeus from Greek mythology.

What do you call the Greek stories told about their gods and heroes?

Well.....The word for greek stories about gods and heroes are called greek mythology or just (mythology).Definition Of Mythology: a body of stories about gods and heroes that try to explain how the world works.

What did Romans do to Greek Mythology?

The Romans, simply put, took Greek mythology and renamed the gods.

How long did the Greek gods live for?

The Greek gods were said to be immortal. Therefore, according to mythology, the Greek gods live forever.

Are Greek gods similar to Roman gods?

Yes. Most Roman gods and myths are based on Greek Mythology.

Who was the wife of the king of gods in mythology?

If Greek mythology: Hera If Roman mythology: Juno

Who was the queen of gods?

In Greek Mythology, Hera. In Roman Mythology, Juno.

Why are the gods in Greek mythology tied to the planets?

The gods in Greek mythology are not tied to the planets. The Greek gods were renamed by the Romans and after the discovery of different planets, these such planets were named after these "Roman God's" Ex: Roman-Pluto Greek-Hades