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Who is the current govenor of Florida?

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As of January 14, 2011, the new governor of Florida is Rick Scott.

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Who is the current govenor of Wisconsin?

Scott Walker is our govenor

Who is the current general-govenor of new zealand?

Anand Satyanand is the current govenor general.

What was the first military govenor of Florida?

Andrew Jackson

Who is Colorado's current govenor?

John Hickenlooper.

What is the governor of Flordia?

The Govenor of Florida is the head of the Florida government. It is basicly like the president but just of Florida.

Who was the govenor of Florida and Cuba in the 1500s?

Hernando DE Soto

Who is the current Ohio govenor?

the governor is Ted Strickland

Who is the current lieutenant govenor of quebec?

Pierre Duchesne

Who is current govenor of Arizona?

Jan Brewer (Republican)

Florida govenor bush?

No, it was Jeb Bush, now its Chalie Crist.

Who is the govenor of Massachusetts?

The current governor of Massachusetts is Deval Patrick.

Who is the current lieutenant Govenor of North Carolina?

beverly perdue

Who is the current Lieutenant Govenor of Ontario?

David C. Onley

Who is the current govenor of North Carolina 2011?

rachael hodorff

How long is the term for the govenor of Florida?

it lastes more than one year

Is the Florida current a warm or cold current?

The Florida Current is a warm current.

Is the Florida state govenor Charlie Crist a Republican or Democrat?

Crist is a Republican who is moderate.

Who is the current govenor of your state?

The current governor of my state (OREGON =D) is Ted Kulongoski (cull-on-GOS- key)

What is the name of the govenor general of canada?

The current (2012) GG is David Johnston.

Who was Florida governor who began drainage of the everglades?

Napoleon Broward was the govenor who started the drainage of the everglades

Who is the govenor of 'Washington State'?

The current governor is Governor Christine Gregoire (D).

Current govenor of Rhode Island?

Lincoln Chafee was elected to the 2011-2015 term.

Who is the favorite and current governors of New Mexico?

The favorite govenor of new Mexico was Herbert Jose', but the current governor is Mario Salsaintaco.

Who is the Govenor of Nevada?

The govenor of Nevada is Govenor Jim Gibbons.

What is the current time in Miami Florida?

what is the current time in Miami florida