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Q: Who is the editor of the book 'The Sister Grim'?
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What is the 1st sisters grim book called?

The first book is calles "the sister's grimm, the fairytale detectives"

What is the fifth book of grim hill called?

its called Grim Hill, Book 5: Forest of Secrets

What are the release dates for Grim and Evil - 2001 Son of Nergal Sister Grim Go Kart-3000 2-7?

Grim and Evil - 2001 Son of Nergal Sister Grim Go Kart-3000 2-7 was released on: USA: 24 July 2003

Will there be a fifth book for the grim hill series?

It's called Grim Hill, Book 5: Forest of Secrets

Is the book editor the author?

no, the editor is the person who edits the book that the author wrote

When did Jackie Kennedy become a book editor?

Jackie Kennedy became a book editor in 1958

Where was Jackie Kennedy a book editor?

Jackie was a book editor for Doubleday in NYC for many years.

When was John Hawkesworth - book editor - born?

John Hawkesworth - book editor - was born in 1715.

When did John Hawkesworth - book editor - die?

John Hawkesworth - book editor - died in 1773.

Who was the editor for the book the life and times of Joseph Stacy murdock?

The editor for this book was Alan Humpherys

What is different type of editor?

Film Editor Newspaper Editor Book Editor

Will there be a fourth book for the grim hill series?

Yes and it already came out. It is called Grim Hill The Family Secret.

Where can one get an editor for your book?

There are may ways one might find an editor for one's book. However, an editor is typically hired by the publishing company once one's book has been accepted for publication.

Who is the editor of world book encyclopedia?

There is no one single editor for the World Book Encyclopedia. The World Book Encyclopedia has a group of editors who are known as the World Book editors.

Who are the main characters in the book the grim grotto?

Violet, Klaus, Sunny and Count Olaf are the main characters in The Grim Grotto.

How can you put the word editor in a sentence?

The editor of the book got an award.

I need a character trait for grim from the book Freak The Mighty?

He is grumpy

In the book Freak the Mighty what does Max promise grim?

In the book Max promises 2 Grim that since his father is now on parole he will not go outside anymore or somewhere far away anymore!

Does every author need an editor?

Yes, after the book is approved it goes to the editor.

Who is the chief editor of femina?

Tanya Chaitanya is the Editor-in-Chief of Femina magazine. She handles Femina, Femina What to Wear and Femina Hindi along with the cook book, travel book, parenting book, beauty book and bridal book. She is the youngest editor of Femina at 29. Her experience is varied and she has a TV and Radio background. As a young journalist she has won many accolades and is a respected professional in the field.

How does one become a book editor?

One should aim to get a college degree in Journalism or similar, and attempt to earn work experience shadowing someone in the position of book editor. It is far easier to land the job of book editor if one has the qualifications.

What do you call a person who proofread book?

An editor

Which is a harder book - ingrid and the wolf or the secret of grim hill?

Ingrid and the Wolf is definitely a harder book. I think this because i read both and Ingrid and the Wolf was a lot more mature than the secret of grim hill.

What does the cover of book 8 in the sisters grim series look like?

that's it

Who is the editor of jungle book?

penguin books