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Q: Who is the father of Investigative Journalism?
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When was Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism created?

Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism was created in 1989.

When was Bureau of Investigative Journalism created?

Bureau of Investigative Journalism was created on 2010-04-26.

What are the ratings and certificates for Community - 2009 Investigative Journalism 1-13?

Community - 2009 Investigative Journalism 1-13 is rated/received certificates of: Netherlands:AL

What type of reporting does this topic represent?

investigative journalism

Who is the father of journalism?

Herodotus, is the Father of Journalism

What is investigative journalism?

Investigative journalism is when a journalist deeply investigates a particular topic of interest. This type of reporter could spend months or years preparing a report on a particular topic.

Why was Nellie Bly called the pioneer in the field of investigative journalism?


Who was the father of modern journalism?

I think its Walter Lippmann โ€“ Father of Modern Journalism

What is a good sentence with the word journalism in it?

After reading it he reached the conclusion that it wasn't investigative reporting but simply gutter press journalism. BETTER ANSWER; The Banana in Pyjamas decided to take up the Journalism course at the University

Which action came about because of Ida Tarbell's investigative journal?

The Supreme Court broke up the trust of the Standard Oil Company because of Ida Tarbell's investigative journalism.

What is commercial journalism?

Commercial journalism is the investigative approach to organizational storytelling. It is asking organizational personal what they do and how they do it. It is interviewing with the 5w's and presenting the material in formats that help to inform others about the organization.

Who is the father of popular journalism?

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