Who is the father of economics in education?

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adam smith
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Father of economics?

If we think about economics as the science that studies why some countries are richer than others, then the father is Adam Smith. On the other hand, the economics that dominate undergraduate studies today are based upon the problem of how to allocate scarce resources having infinite necessities, th ( Full Answer )

Economic function of education?

How education contribute towards the economy. Accelerated development is brought about by educated people.. Dimensions of Economic Function of Education. There are two dimensions;. 1. Quantitative. 2. Qualitative. Quantitative. 1. Education produces the quantum of manpower that the economy ( Full Answer )

Is a reform for education a social or economic reform?

It can be both a social and an economic reform. It can be social because people make up society and the level of educated people in society has effect on it. Also, it can be economic because the more a person's level of education affects the type of job he/she gets and how much money he/she makes.

Why education is the economic problem in the Philippines?

okay , education in general helps us work , but lets take from other point of view , if most of the philpino ppl dont study , the country is going to face aproblem where the demanded skills dont match the skills available with the ppl , therefore too unemployment will result in less country output o ( Full Answer )

How was education an advantage for Japan in its post-war economic recovery?

What many people don't realize about Japan is that they were also one of the top education systems in the world, and still were after the war. As a result, the students who began to graduate from their programs began to do well in their jobs and they began to create a stronger workforce. This allowe ( Full Answer )

Who is the father of micro economics?

Adam Smith.. Since during his time Economics be almost wholly concerned with Microeconomics, he is, therefore, more precisely the father of Microeconomics..

How education affects economics in Philippines?

The education affects the economics in the Philippines by equippinglearners with certain entrepreneurial and technical skills. Thelearners can then later in life start their own industries whichwill pump money in the economy of the Philippines.

How much was Shakespeare's father educated?

John Shakespeare, William Shakespeare's father, was not veryeducated. However he was very successful. He was an apprenticeglover and leather tanner. He also dealt in farm products and wooland became an important member of the community.

Was Martin Luther's father educated?

Being as martin Luthers father was served as a citizens representative on the local council as well as a leaseholder of copper mines, it would be correct to consider him educated.

Importance of education in economics?

Understanding the way the economic system works is necessary in republics and democracies because voters are responsible for choosing the individuals of the systems that will either lead to prosperity, poverty or somewhere in between.

Can a person with a Business Education certification teach economics?

To teach in a public high school you must be state certified. To teach at the college level, you need the minimum of a master's degree in the subject you are teaching. To teach in a public high school you must be state certified. To teach at the college level, you need the minimum of a master's deg ( Full Answer )

Role of education in economic development in Pakistan?

Importance of Education :- Today all the economists in the world have admitted this fact that expenditure on education is productive. If a country has trained manpower it makes the economic activities productive.If the manpower is uneducated and unskilled then per capita output will be low. It lea ( Full Answer )

What is the scope of economics in education?

economics of education helps in determining the relationship between educational expenditure and increase in the income or physical capital over a period of time in a country.

Why knowledge of economics has not spread from the economics profession to the average reasonably well educated person?

In my opinion, as an economics student, the reason is that people find economics confusing and difficult. In order to truly appreciate economics a person must enjoy math and be a graph oriented person. Even though economics is incredibly useful in everyday life, people have the impression that econo ( Full Answer )

What famous American is known as the Father of American Education?

HORACE MANN. " The Father of American Education"," Horace Mann, was born in Franklin, Massachusetts, in 1796. Mann's schooling consisted only of brief and erratic periods of eight to ten weeks a year. Mann educated himself by reading ponderous volumes from the Franklin Town Library. This self educa ( Full Answer )

What was the cause of death of Adam smith father of economics?

Adam Smith died on 17 July 1790 (aged 67) from a long and painful illness.In the winter of 1786-7 he had an attack which caused serious alarm. In the spring of 1790 Smith was plainly failing. His last statements to his friends were ""I love your company, gentlemen, but I believe I must leave you to ( Full Answer )

Definition of home economics and livelihood education?

home economics and livelihood education is a combination of educating individuals how to manage a home and at the same time how to earn a living decently. Here, one should think of the dignity of work in order to live.

Who is the father of educational psychology?

Edward Thorndike. Thorndike was a psychologist by trade and a 40 year professor at Teacher's College Columbia University. His believed that all things were quantifiable and laid much of the ground work for the Behaviorist learning theory of B.F. Skinner and others.

What social and economic effects did higher education have on women?

This is much too big a question, and answer to cover here. It sounds like its clearly a homework or college assignment so I wont write it for you but think about the folllowing. What does higher education give anyone. It gives them; A greater awareness of the world around them A greater understan ( Full Answer )

Right of major child for education fees from father?

Unless some stipulation was legally made regarding education fees, as in a divorce decree, I don't believe the father has any financial obligations to the child once he has reached majority. Financial assistance from the father at this point would be his prerogative. Continued education is a privile ( Full Answer )

What was the profession and economic status of Hitler's father?

He was a government worker, a civil servant. Specifically, he was a Customs Official, collecting import duties at the border. This was a secure job but not very well paid. His economic status would have been lower middle class-middle class. He was also apparently a domineering drunkard.

What are the economic benefits of co education?

Co-education is economically beneficial in the way that infrastructure costs as well as staff costs are reduced by about half. Reasons: 1. Infrastructure costs Instead of constructing two different buildings for boys and girls, one is enough. (That really makes no sense as the number of st ( Full Answer )

How does education affect economic status?

Studies have shown that there is a inverse correlation between educational level and unemployment rate. For example, in 1992 (yes, that was a long time ago) the rate of unemployment for high schools drop out were at least 12% while the same rate for Masters and Dotoral degree earners were only 2%. ( Full Answer )

What is educational economics?

Mahalaga ang Education sa bawat isa sa atin, Sa pang araw araw angEkonomiya ay lagi natin nagagawa, nadadala, naririnig, onahahawakan, Kaya ang edukasyong pang ekonomiya ay mahalaga

What countries educate girls do better economically?

You need to work on your question. Do you mean what countries do a better job of educating girls? Or do you mean do educated girls make more money? Or do you mean something else? Please improve your question. Thanks.

How is education related to economic development?

In the short-run, education develops human capital (i.e.) skills; training; ability) of labour, which is a primary input in production. Increasing human capital lowers production costs. In the long-run, education develops economic growth by affecting the creation technology. Since technology lower ( Full Answer )

How can you solve in education is the economics problem in the Philippines?

actually only the Goverment of the Philippine can solve that problem, because they got the power to put more fund regarding on education, also add salary for those teacher, because now we run out teachers now because of the small salary... like saying if theres no teacher no education...

What is economic of adult education?

This is a continues process in the management of cost, benefit & effectiveness of adult education programmes to achieve an end.

Why Adam Smith called the father of economics?

Adam Smith is called the father of Economics because the two bookshe wrote Moral Sentiment and the Wealth of Nations is applicable inmany economies today.

What actors and actresses appeared in Educating Father - 1936?

The cast of Educating Father - 1936 includes: Erville Alderson as Dr. Willoughby Spring Byington as Mrs. John Jones June Carlson as Lucy Jones Shirley Deane as Bonnie Jones Dixie Dunbar as Millicent Grace Durkin as Girl in Drugstore Dick Elliott as Townley George Ernest as Roger Jones Francis Ford a ( Full Answer )

Why was Horace Mann know as the father of education?

Mann met with bitter opposition by some Boston schoolmasters whostrongly disapproved of his innovative pedagogicalideas, [10] and by various religious sectarians, who contended against theexclusion of all sectarian instruction from the schools. Mann isoften called "the father of American public ed ( Full Answer )