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hazrat Mohammed

was the first hafiz of quran

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2012-05-18 09:48:39
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Q: Who is the first Hafiz of the Holy Quran?
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Who is the first hafiz of the quran?

Hazrat Muhammed (sm) is the first hafiz of the quran.

Who was the first hafiz of quran?

After the Holy Prophet (SAW), it is believed that Hazrat Zaid Bin Thabit (RA) Hope this helps

Who is the first Hafiz of Islam?

The first Hafiz of the religion Islam is obviously the final prophet Muhammad PBUH upon which the Holy Quran was revealed itself. After him, some of the greatest companions and the generations to come followed.

Is emran hashmi hafiz e quran?

IMposibal he is not hafiz-e-quran

Is emraan hashmi quran hafiz?

yes he is a hafiz .

How many hafiz e quran in India?

There few Hafiz e Quran in kargil ladakh...

Who was the first hafiz of quran after Muhammad?

Hazrat Zaid Bin Sabit

What is a hafiz of the quram?

A hafiz (the keeper, keeping against forgetting) is a person who memorized all of the Holy Quran and could recite it from memory. There are little kids who are hafiz, this is because they started at an early age. The younger, the better.

How many Hafiz the holy Quran in the world now?

I've read that it's about 400,000, but I don't have a source for that information.

Is some of the hafiz e Quran cram the QURAN?

Aaslam o alaikum job for quran 03217716007

Is Emran Hashmi Bollywood actor Quran Hafiz?


How many Hafiz of holy Quran in ahmadi group?

"No proven record that Ahmadis are hafiz quran." There are hifz-e-Quran in Ahmadiyyat. Not sure about the number, but then again how many non-Ahmadi hifz are there? Although memorizing the Quran is a wonderful accomplishment, it is about acting on the principles laid therein that make it most beautiful. How many non-Ahmadis act on the principles towards their Ahmadi brethren?

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Who is the first hafiz of the quran?

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