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They have referred to her as "Jenny" on Fox Sports Radio.

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Who is the guy heard on the fox sports radio on air promos?

Tony Bruno is the voice for the fox sports radio on air promos. Tony Bruno has been doing the radio show since the 90's.

Where can someone view the Motorola radio commercials?

There are a few different places one can view the Motorola radio commercials. One could check out the website for the actual radio station they heard the commercial on. One can also check out the official Motorola website.

Can ESPN radio be heard on sirus radio?

ESPN is an acronym for Electronic Sports Programming Network. more than That I cannot add, as I am definitely not a sports fan. It is separate and distinct from the Radio station WFAN radio 660.

Did Jerry Seinfeld do beer commercials?

I believe it was Moosehead Beer he did radio spots for. Actually, Seinfeld did radio ads for Grizzly Beer during the mid-1980s. The ads began with Seinfeld saying "Grizzly is a bear, no Grizzly is a beer..." I heard them on the New York City all-sports radio station each morning when my radio alarm clock woke me.

Does Mike Birbiglia do voice overs for commercials?

I've think I've heard him, but I don't have any offical confirmation. I think he did voiceovers for Miracle Whip radio ads for a short time.

Who did the first radio commercial?

This is another of the great radio myths: most sources say it was a real estate commercial that was broadcast on New York station WEAF in August 1922, a story spread by corporate owner AT&T. But there is evidence that other commercials were broadcast before that. For example, some radio stations in 1921-1922 used barter to get records-- they would get records from a record shop in exchange for giving that shop a nice mention and telling listeners to go there. We also have evidence that in April of 1922, a local car dealer (Alvan Fuller) broadcast several commercials on Boston's pioneering radio station WGI. It should also be noted that until about 1925, the government discouraged radio commercials. Herbert Hoover, future president, but then secretary of the Commerce Department, told the press that he did not want "direct advertising" (as commercials were then called) to be heard on the air. However, he was widely ignored, as radio owners sought ways to fund the operation of their stations, and commercials became the method that was preferred. By 1926, commercial advertisements were heard on nearly every American station.

What is the music heard in the GM Olympic commercials?

"The Story" by Brandi Carlile

How old was Beyonce when she got on the radio?

She was sixteen when she was first heard on the radio.

Where can one listen to Lagu Indonesia Radio?

Lagu Indonesia Radio can be heard in Indonesia. This radio station can also be heard online through personal online radio station websites such as Last or Tunein.

Where Americans heard the news in the 1920s?


What is the action verb in this sentence today you heard your favorite song twice on the radio?


When did Rachael Ray start cooking?

she was on a radio station in her home town some guy heard her on the radio and spearheaded her career....i heard this on chefography on Cook channel

First president to be heard on the radio?

Calvin Coolidge

Is had heard a verb?

Yes, it is a form of the verb "to hear." Had heard is the past perfect conjugation. e.g They had heard the news over the radio.

What was used to tune a crystal radio?

The crystal radio works by vibrating from the transmitted radio signal with the audio heard varies the frequency.

The first President whose voice was heard over the radio?

The first US president who was heard on the radio was Warren. G. Harding. The first one to make an entire radio broadcast from the White House was Calvin Coolidge.

Has flyleaf ever been played on the radio?

Yes, on my radio station, I recently heard "All Around Me"

How can you hear radio transmission in hilly areas?

radio transmission can be heard in hilly areas because of diffraction

Where is Gregg Whiteside?

When last I heard of him, he was on the air at WRTI radio.

Where was the beach for the Disney heard iton the radio video?

it was a studio

What is a cool sentence for the word grove?

I heard the word _______ on the radio.

What is Singapore's main sports played?

Singapore's main sports are swimming , diving , Gymnastics and boxing from what I have hearD!!

Who sings the song on the GM Corp commercials you heard during the PGA Tourny and the Olympics?

Brandi Carlile-"The Story"

What is the name of the song heard in the in plain sight commercials?

The latest commercial for the 2012 season is Grounds for Divorce by Elbow.

What is a Japanese banjo called?

It's called a shamisen. You've probably heard one of these in a Nintendo Wii commercials.