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Been curious about this myself. Managed to find an answer, thanks to Brooks & Dunn Red Dirt Road fan website ( Her name is Lisa Ligon. More info at
Enjoy !!!

2007-07-11 07:26:28
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Q: Who is the girl in the Brooks and Dunn video 'Play Something Country'?
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Who is that girl in the Brooks and Dunn music video play something country?

Lisa Ligon

What video appearance are Brooks and Dunn famous for?

Brooks and Dunn are famous for their Believe video. The Believe video came out in 2006. Believe also got the number 1 Country Music Video and song of that year.

What video by brooks and dunn has a girl dancing in chaps?

"Play Something County"

What is the name of the song by Brooks and Dunn that featured Dale Earnhardt Sr. in the video?

Dale Earnhardt Sr. appeared in the 1997 country music video "Honky Tonk Truth" by Brooks and Dunn. The video was a play on Earnhardt's resemblance to Kix Brooks, with the two switching roles throughout the video.

Who is Ronald Gene Dunn?

His nickname is Ronnie Dunn. He is the Dunn in "Brooks & Dunn" which is a country band.

Is kix brooks related to Dale Earnhardt?

Country star Kix Brooks is not related to former NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt. They were friends, and Dale Jr. was in a music video for Brooks' country duo Brooks and Dunn.

Where was video for Brooks and Dunn My Maria filmed?


What is Brooks and Dunn worth?

Country Music

What date was play something country by brooks and dunn released?

in 2001. '' my heart is lost to you '' i think it was the title

What is the country music video with a male singer and a black actor sitting on a porch?

I think it was called "I Believe" by Brooks and Dunn

Who made country music popular?

Brooks & Dunn

Where can one watch a video for the Brooks and Dunn song Believe?

A person can watch a video for the song "Believe" by Brooks and Dunn at several different places. Some of these places include YouTube, Metacafe, and CMT.

Where can one watch the video to Brooks and Dunn 'Neon Moon'?

One can watch the video of the song 'Neon Moon' by Brooks and Dunn from various sites. Some offer the video for free while others do not. YouTube and Dailymotion offer the video for free.

Who had the country music 1 hit in 1996?

My Maria,Brooks & Dunn

What is the song to the country video about a little boy who becomes good friends with an old black man who wife had died?

It's called "I Believe" from Brooks and Dunn.

What country duo sings the song believe?

I believe that's Brooks and Dunn

Where was the Brooks and Dunn video A Man This Lonely filmed?

The CF Ranch north of Alpine, Texas

What actors and actresses appeared in Brooks and Dunn One on One - 2007?

The cast of Brooks and Dunn One on One - 2007 includes: Brooks and Dunn as Themselves

Are brooks and dunn split up?

Not yet. After their "Last Rodeo" tour, they will be. Brooks & Dunn are Dunn in 2010! . . . It's so sad.

What female performers did a duet with Brooks and Dunn?

Reba mcentire & brooks & dunn - if you see him / if you see her

Brooks and dunn number one hits?

Brooks and dunn have had 27 number one hits.

What are some of the hit songs by country duo Brooks and Dunn?

Brooks and Dunn were a popular country music duo who released over 14 albums during their career together. The popular singles include My Maria and Ain't Nothin' 'Bout You.

Who is the girl in the Brooks and Dunn video ain't nothin' 'bout you?

Alana De La Garza

How long have Brooks and Dunn been performing?

Brooks & Dunn was an American country music duo. The duo consisted of Kix Brocks and Ronnie Dunn, who were both vocalists and songwriters. The duo was founded in 1990, and has been performing for over 20 years.

What type of music does Brooks and Dunn perform?

Brooks & Dunn perform country music. They are an American musical duo who were active for twenty years between 1990 and 2010. They released 10 studio albums.