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Her name is actually C. C. Sheffield

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โˆ™ 2008-08-01 17:22:52
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Q: Who is the girl in the Keith Urban music video 'Better Life'?
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Who is the guy in the Keith Urban music video better life?

Josh Janowicz, ex-husband of actress Emilie de Ravin.

Who is the girl in the Keith Urban video Better Life?

the same girl in the mcdonalds commercial

Who is the girl in the Keith Urban music video 'Somebody Like You'?

it's Nikki Taylor, his ex.

What mustang is in the music video sweet thing by Keith Urban?

69 mustang... the best Mustang there is out there lol

What country superstar appeared in Alan Jacksons video?

Keith urban

Who is the guitar player in Alan Jacksons mercury blues video?

Keith Urban

Who is the guitar player on Alan Jackson's Mercury Blues video?

Keith Urban

Tim McGraw music video The Cask of Amontillado?

The music video is A Little Too Late by TOBY KEITH

Is the music video for one time better than the 21 guns music video?

the 21 guns music video is better than the one time music video because in one time there just dancing but in 21 guns they actually do stuff

What male country singer rides a motorcycle in their music video?

American ride by toby keith

What are the ratings and certificates for Better Than Me Music Video - 2013 V?

Better Than Me Music Video - 2013 V is rated/received certificates of: Canada:G

Is the song sweet thing by Keith Urban about a girl or car?

The song is in fact about his car. He had a yellow mustang which is seen in the video, and it is what inspired the song.

Where is the Keith Urban Better life video filmed?

It is filmed under the Fourth Street Bridge on the Los Angeles River. In the background is the Sixth Street Viaduct. These are historic bridges and have been a favorite location for videos, commercials and movies.

Is Taylor Swift really in the two is better than one music video?

No she is Not in The Video x

Who is the girl in the music video Just feel better?

Nikki Reed

What drug is taken on the hinder better than me music video?


Who was the girl in the music video trailerhood by Toby Keith?

Nikki Ryann. Bing or Google her and you'll find many more pictures.

Was the ring in the kersone music video in another music video?

Yes. The ring in the Kerosene music video was in another music video.

Is it better to clean with music or with out music?

Lol! Maybe it could be better with music like for example you're pretending to be shooting a music video and you're dancing with the mop or stuff. :) But I don't know you could be distracted.

What is the music video with a little boy playing with a plane in a field?

"the music sounds better with you" is the song title - it's by stardust

Does Toby Keith smoke cigarettes or any other things?

yes because i watched a music video and a other one with him smoking so yes

What music video on cmt is it when the winds blowing strong and a girl washing her car bra blows off?

Toby Keith trailer park song

Is Kim Kardashian in the Sex ain't better than Love music video?

no she's not

What is the music in a music video?

The song that the music video is written around.

Where can lyrics for Keith Urban's songs be found?

You can search lyric database websites like AZlyrics or metrolyrics to find the lyrics to Keith Urban or other artist' songs. Some YouTube videos featuring his songs also contain lyrics as part of the video or in the description.