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Who is the girl in the Pontiac commercial?

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2016-09-07 12:24:50

If you mean from the 70s/80s "You got it, Pontiac!" commercials,

she's a Canadian model. I remember reading an interview article

about her in a magazine, can't recall the details. I believe that

the model's name is Debbi Ducharme

My name is Davey and I just wonder if the OP might be

incorrect.... I wondered about this for quite some time and thought

it was a toss up between Mariska Hargitay and Rachel Ward. I didn't

see any info on Wikipedia about Hargitay doing commercials

whatsoever... but Rachel Ward DEFINITELY did some car

commercials... So can anyone confirm one way or the other??

Davey here again... another possibility might be Sela


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