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Who is the girl in the recent Zyrtec commercial wearing a yellow shirt with dark hair?

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That is the lovely Megan Paul.

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Where can you get the yellow shirt the Zyrtec lady is wearing?

i saw it at Marshalls last weekend (and no im not kidding, i got it for my wife)

Who is actress in Zyrtec otc commercial?

This question is vague, as a number of actors have been featured in various Zyrtec commercials. One commercial featured Josie Davis, of the television series "Charles in Charge" and "Beverly Hills 90210." A more recent commercial, in which a young woman in a yellow top says she is affected by both indoor and outdoor allergies, features Megan Paul, who has guest starred in a number of television shows.

What brand is the yellow top in Zyrtec commercial?

Its made by Tibi and its called the St. Tropez embroidered tunic. The darn thing cost $255!!!!!! The website is....NET-A-PORTER.com

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