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Gino Odjick was a good fighter, he fought a lot, but lost his fair share. Donald Brashear was pound-for-pound the best ever. He rarely ever lost a fight, and in most cases, just totally beat the crap out of his opponents.

Ed Jovanovski was quite good too, just ask Adam Deadmarsh.

Also, we mustn't forget about the late Rick Rypien. At well under 200 lbs he rarely lost a fight in his career.

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Who was the winningest coach in Vancouver Canucks history?

Marc Crawford 246 -189 -62

Who was the greatest fighter in Detroit Red Wings history?

Bob Probert was the greatest fighter in Detroit Red Wings history.

Who is the greatest fighter in history?


How many times has Vancouver won the Stanley cup?

The Canucks have not won a Stanley Cup in their 40 year history.

How many games did the Vancouver Canucks win in the 20072008 NHL season?

I believe it was 49 the highest wins in their history

How many times have the Vancouver canucks made the playoffs?

The Vancouver Canucks playoff history has had its ups and downs. In the 22 times they have made the playoffs, the team has won 12 playoff series. Their first ever playoff appearance was in 1975, after receiving a first round bye for winning their division the Canucks faced the Montreal Canadians. The ninth seeded Canucks were beaten in five by the Canadiens.

Who is the greatest fighter in Chicago Blackhawks history?

Bob Probert.

Who is the greatest roman fighter in history?

juliantro shareious cekio

Who is the greatest fighter in Edmonton Oilers history?

I would have to say George Laraque.

Who is the greatest fighter in Toronto Maple Leafs history?

Tie Domi or Tiger Williams

Who is the greatest fighter in boxing history?

It all matters who you like there is no really good boxer

Who is the greatest fighter in New Jersey Devils history?

The greatest fighters in NJD history were Scott McClean and Scott Stevens as their extrordinary fist power and craftiness helped them get this honor.

Who was the greatest fighter in Philadelphia Flyers history?

Ron HextalGoaltender also got a lot of penalties.

Who was the greatest fighter in Montreal Canadiens history?

it would have to be the late great heavyweight champ of the NHL John Ferguson

When did Wayne Gretzky score his first goal?

Gretzky scored his first NHL goal on October 14, 1979 against the Vancouver Canucks. It was his third NHL game.

Is it the first time in NHL history that the Vancouver Canucks and the Boston Bruins have competed in the Stanley Cup Finals?

This (2011) is the first time the two teams have met in the finals. The Canucks have been to the finals twice before: in 1982 and in 1994. The Bruins have been to the finals seven times before, most recently in 1990.

What is Markus Naslund's fan mail address?

Sorry but, WHO IS MARKUS NASLUND!?!? Markus Naslund, a NHL hockey player who has made his mark in Vancouver Canucks history, but retired from the New York Rangers. He has moved from Vancouver to New York so has lost and has not yet made a new fan mail address.

When was Greatest History created?

Greatest History was created in 1995.

What has the author Jim Peacock written?

Jim Peacock has written: 'The Vancouver Natural History Society, 1918-1993' -- subject(s): Conservation of natural resources, History, Natural history, Vancouver Natural History Society

Can you be a fighter pilot if you have asthma?

You cannot be a fighter pilot if you have a history of asthma past the age of 13.

Who is the eldest mma fighter?

Randy "The Natural" Couture is the oldest MMA fighter in history. He holds the following records: · Oldest fighter to win a title in UFC history · Oldest fighter to defend a title in UFC history · Oldest fighter to win a fight in UFC history (47 years and 68 days) No one else has been able to compete at the level Randy did even after he crossed 40 years of age.

What are the release dates for Hands on History - 2001 Fighter Pilots?

Hands on History - 2001 Fighter Pilots was released on: USA: 11 May 2002

Who is the best fighter in San Jose Sharks history?

i would say that Scott Parker is the best fighter

Who was the youngest UFC fighter in history?

Ken Shamrock

Who is the first boxing champion of Philippines?

Pancho Villa Click on the 'Pancho Villa' link on this page to read a short bio of the man many believe is the greatest fighter in Asian history.