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This is a subjective question so it cannot be answered definitively. However, many FAQ Farmers have contributed their opinions. Here are some of the suggestions for "greatest wrestler in history": * Hollywood Hulk Hogan * Bret Hart * Stone Cold Steve Austin * Triple H * The Rock * Ric Flair * Mick Foley * The Undertaker * Shawn Micheals * Chris Jericho * Stu Hart * Dusty Rhodes

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Q: Who is the greatest wrestler in history?
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Who the best wrestler?

The greatest wrestler in the history of WWE/WWF is, of course, Hulk Hogan, deh!

Who is the greatest tna wrestler?

aj styles

Who is the worlds greatest wrestler?

kurt Angle

Who is the greatest Indian wrestler?

The Great Gama.

Who is the greatest wrestler alive that is not a legend?


Who is the greatest wcw wrestler?

Hulk Hogan

Who is the heviest wrestler in WWE history?

Rey Mysterio is the heaviest wrestler to ever compete

Is Kurt angle the greatest wrestler ever?


Is Shawn micheals the greatest wrestler?

no he is possibly the worst

Is the big show the strongest wrestler in wwe history?

no the strongest wwe wrestler was giant gonzalez

Who is the greatest WWE wrestler of all time?

Shawn michaels

Who is the winningest WWE wrestler in history?

hulk hogan

When was Greatest History created?

Greatest History was created in 1995.

Who is Ric Flair?

the best smackdown wrestler in the history of WWE

What was the biggest thing in Japanese history?

sumo wrestler! lol

Who is the fastest WWE wrestler in history?

The fastest wrestler in wwe is bob backlund im not sure but i guess the current is Evan Bourne

Who is the shortest WWE wrestler in history?

A wrestler named "Tiny Tornado" he was 2 foot 10 inches and he now works in a department store.

Is Randy Orton the greatest wrestler of all time?

No. But probabley the greatest of these past couple of years. And is wierdly popular at the moment, but don't think he is the greatest, because he aint.

Who is the greatest dog in history?

Gismo the Shitsu of Stillwater Minnesota is the greatest dog in History

Who is the best wrestler in wrestling history?

Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan Considered The Best Ever In History Of wrestling .

Who was the greatest commander in history?

Many historians believe that Alexander is the greatest commander in the history of the world.. :)

Who is the greatest ruler in India's history?

Ashoka the great is the greatest ruler of Indian history idk

Who is the heaviest wrestler in wrestling history?

youkozona 610 lbs he now is dead

Is Funaki the greatest wrestler ever?

Yesss. That's all I have to say about that!It's SHAWN MICHAELS

Is Amy Lita Dumas coming back to WWE again?

I sure hope so she is the greatest womens wrestler in history....but on an interview she said that she is happy with the luchagors and that the fans were misstreating it doesnt look like it from that....I MISS HER