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Q: Who is the greek goddess hera most like today?
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Related questions

When did Hera the Greek god die?

Hera, the Greek goddess, did not die. She was immortal like all of the other gods and goddesses.

What did Hera the Greek goddess like to do?

Look after childbearing women.

Does the Greek Goddess have enmies?

yes,like hera and eco.

Where is the Greek goddess Hera usually found?

Olympus is where she lives, but Hera like other Greek gods and goddesses can move as fast as thought.

What was hera the roman goddess favorites?

Hera was a Greek Goddess, her Roman counterpart was Juno. Juno was the protector and special counselor of the state. Her aspect was war like.

What would Hera the greek goddess be like if she were human?

Hera would have the same personality traits as a human as she does as a goddess. She would be keen on marriage and honesty, but she would be one jealous person.

What are some quotes for greek goddess HERA?

Don't worry that more people like Zeus---people like you too!

What color is the greek goddess hera's hair?

Hera's hair is brown as it is painted in many vases, but i think it can also be blond like it was in the Disney movie, Hercules.

What does the Greek goddess Hera look like and why?

Hera is a bad woman. she looks like a really nice lady. she usually wears purple,she has curly hair, and she likes to wear crowns.

What do you do to look like Hera?

All images of the Greek goddess Hera were imagined by artists based on the verbal lore they were at the time familiar with. Her image then is different but identifiable by her symbols, as is the case with most gods and goddess of ancient times. There is no one imagine for everyone to identify as 'Hera'.

What are characteristics of Hera the Greek goddess?

Hera, the Greek goddess of love and marriage is considered to be "Owl-eyed", beautiful, faithful, and nurturing. Even though Zeus wasn't faithful to her, she was faithful to him. She was known as extraordinarily beautiful. But today she is most known for her jealousy because of all of Zeus's other women. She represents the ability to pursue any goal we'd like to overcome. She is often associated with the peacock and cow.

What would Hera the greek goddess be like as a human?

She would probably be a demanding yet understandable person if she were to be in the flesh.

What does Hera the Greek goddess mostly think about?

my guess is wondering about Zeus. she doesn't like it when he goes down and marries mortals.

Who is the greek queen of the gods guardian of marriage?

Hera was the goddess of marriage. she was also Zeus's wife. (Zeus was the head god, so she was like a queen)Hera, wife of Zeus.

What does hera the name look like in roman?

Hera was the Greek goddess who was the wife of Zeus, the god of gods and who was chiefly a divinity of women and marriage. Her equivalent in Roman religion was Juno. the wife of Jupiter.

What was wonder woman's motto?

Not strictly speaking a motto but a sort of slogan like Superman"s Up, Up and Away! was GREAT HERA! uttered by Wonder Woman. Hera was the principle Greek Goddess and the wife of Zeus, but Zeus got around!

What did the Greek goddess Hera wear?

she was usually naked but sometimes she wore a golden crown and toga like most of the Greeks gods and goddesses did.

Which Greek goddess had blonde hair?

No one is certain of what the Olympian Goddesses looked like, but Aphrodite, Athena and Hera are frequently given blonde hair in art.

How did the goddess hebe act like?

Hebe - a Greek goddess of youth - seems to assist Ares, god of war and men - Hera goddess of women and marriage, and Aphrodite, goddess of love. She seems helpful, as in one myth she assists Hercules (her husbands) friend Iolaus.

What is hera the goddess personality like?

Hera was the goddess that represented women, so you'd think she has a soft motherly personality that was kind and warming.

What did Hera look like?

Hera is a Greek goddess. No one knows what she looks like. Many people have make sculptures and paintings of what they think she may look like but no one knows for sure. All of the goddesses were supposed to be very beautiful, though.

Why is greek goddess hera's symbol a peacock?

It just is there is no reason but if you know the myth of her beloved watchguard Argus that is how the peacock got the eye like pattern of its feathers

Who does Athena greek goddess care about?

Athena cared about everyone.She didn't associate with rowdy people like Ares.She had a rivalry with Poseidon,and she still did,along with Hera and Aphrodite.

Who is the Statue of Liberty modeled after?

Wrong Again Greek Godess Hera compare for yourself Statue of Hera The Roman goddess Libertas. NAWT!!! it was modeled after the sculptor's mom, i know because im doing a reserch project on the State of Liberty, and so i saw tat in a book. I would like to ad so that people do not think the wrong thing, Hera is the Greek Goddess of Marriage she was the Queen of the Gods meaning she is married to Zues King of the Gods. If you follow Greek Mythology you would find that Hera being Goddess of Marriage is a little funny being as her Husband never was faithful to her.

Who is the goddess of protection in greek mythology?

Each god/goddess protects some aspect of life and existence, like Hera the goddess of marriage protects marriage, or Artemis the goddess of chastity protects those who want chastity. The only goddess of actual safety and protection was Soteria. She had a male counterpart called Soter.