Who is the guitarist for Aerosmith?


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Lead Guitar- Joe Perry

Rhythm Guitar- Brad Whitford

Bass Guitar- Tom Hamilton

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joe perry, you silly billy.

Joe Perry, the lead guitarist of the rock band Aerosmith.

Guitarist Joe Perry, bassist Tom Hamilton, singer Steven Tyler, drummer Joey Kramer, and guitarist Ray Tabano. Tabano was replaced by Brad Whitford in 1971.

Aerosmith's bass player is Tom Hamilton. Hamilton started playing guitar when he was 12, and formed a band with lead guitarist Joe Perry before joining up with the other members of Aerosmith in 1970.

seven tyler sings, joe perry is lead guitar, brad whitford is the backup guitarist, tom hamilton is the bassist, and joey kramer is on drums

Love in an Elevator is a song performed by the American hard rock band Aerosmith. The song was written by Steven Tyler and guitarist/backing voacalist Joe Perry.

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Aerosmith is not a Christian band.

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It all started with Steven Tyler (singer) and Joe Perry (guitarist). The were best friends since middle school. Tom Hamilton (rhythm guitarist), Brad Whitford (bass guitarist), and Joey Kramer (drummer) met in high school and became best friends. They decided to form a band and performed in a talent show in their school. The crowd loved their performance, and so they started a band professionally, becoming famous.

Aerosmith was not a band back then, but Steven Tyler and Joey Kramer both were there. Aerosmith did perform at Woodstock '94

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The lead singer of Aerosmith is Steven Tyler.

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Aerosmith music group is worth $ 460,000,000.00

The genres associated with Aerosmith are rock and blues-rock.

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All members of Aerosmith are still alive.

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