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Q: Who is the guy in Alan Jackson's 'Monday Morning Church' video?
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What are the ratings and certificates for One Foot in the Grave - 1990 Monday Morning Will Be Fine 3-1?

One Foot in the Grave - 1990 Monday Morning Will Be Fine 3-1 is rated/received certificates of: UK:PG (video rating) (1993)

What is the theme to Michael jacksons' thriller?

Watch the video

Michael Jacksons newest song?

this is it. there was no music video made for it.

What country superstar appeared in Alan Jacksons video?

Keith urban

Who is the guitar player in Alan Jacksons mercury blues video?

Keith Urban

In Michael jacksons music video smooth criminal what happens to the kids?

Watch the movie Moonwalker

Was Kris kross in Michael jacksons vid?

Yep... They sure were. In the Jam video they made a cameo.

Was Quincy Jones in Michael jacksons Bad video?

No Quincy wasn't in any of Michael's videos.

Is Fusion Fall Going to be a video game?

jan15/ monday

What artwork inspired Michael Jacksons' song and video You Are Not Alone?

A Maxfield Parrish painting called Daybreak.

What is the parental movie rating for Michael Jacksons thriller video?

In Germany it´s rated age 16!

Who is the guy in Janet Jacksons Anytime anyplace video?

His name is Hector Menard, a Haitian model from Montreal

In the music video called All night Don't Stop what does Janet Jacksons shirt say?

Gamers Suck

Did Michael Jackson and Bob Marley ever meet?

Yes, in 1975. There is a youtube video with pictures of Bob with the Jacksons.

Where can you see the full video of morning after dark?

You can see the full music video at

What to do at one in the morning?

make a video diary like me

When does the music video for Kiss You by One Direction come out?

Monday. 7th of January.

When did the Alejandro music video come out?

It Is Supposed To Be Released On Monday June 7th

Where is the video of Elton John in Good Morning?

On Youtube, likely.

What is Michael jacksons sexiest music video ever?

In the Closet, Blood on the Dance Floor, Come Together, Dirty Diana, Give In To Me.

What is the Church of Religitology?

Religitology is a cult based on the youtube video "I was brainwashed" by the video makers smosh

Where can you download for free the Hey Monday's video called Homecoming?

go on and type in the song. i did it today. i hope i helped you with that. hey monday rocks (:

How did Michael Jacksons Thriller video change the way all music videos would be created from then on?

They would be more up beat and grovable.

Who is the girl in the video for America's Suiteheart by Fall Out Boy?

The lead singer from the band, Hey Monday

What time does the planetary go video come out at?

Monday 21st March 2011.It's out! :D