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Q: Who is the guy in Carly Rae Jespen's video?
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Who is the guy in Carly Rae Jepsen call you maybe video?

Holden Nowell

Who are some famous nz artists for music?

bruno mars,guy sebastian,adele,carly rae jepsen,1 direction and justin bieber

Who is the blond guy in beginning of the music video tonight tonight by hot chelle Rae?

Chord Overstreet

Is there a song about a girl who loves a guy but might not love her back?

I would say "Call Me Maybe" by Carly Rae Jepsen because its about a girl who loves a guy, gives him her number but she isn't sure if he will call her or not (and would let her know if he likes her back).

Who is the guy that Carly live with?

The quy that Carly lives with is Spencer Shay.

What Carly's boyfriends secret on idate a bad guy?

He collects plush toys that Carly loathes because he is suppose to be a bad guy but he turns out to have wimpy stuffed animals.

Was hot chelle Rae on Good Luck Charlie?

Hi I'm Delaney and I'm 10:) Anyways the Guy teddy was dating that talked about Cereal and yea,he plays the bass guitar in Hot Chelle Rae yes that's him. Watch there Video Tonight and keep a look on the guy with the black hair. And when you get to the part with him and the clown you'll know xD Glad I could help. Go to and Search Tonight Tonight Hot Chelle Rae offical music video:) Actually despite their similar appearance they are not the same person. Derek (off Good luck Charlie) is played by Reid Ewing whereas Ian Keaggy plays bass guitar in Hot Chelle Rae.

Is owl city well known in the music scene?

Owl City is not as well known as you would think. He is well known but they call him the "fireflies" guy or the "Good Time" guy with Carly Rae. People also think that he is in a band all time ( real drummers not the same guy playing all the instruments). But to the fans he's the most well known Band around! (also known as RICK or Adam)

Is Carly ray Jepsen and Justin Bieber together?

No Justin is still dating Selena and Carly is dating some other guy

Who was the guy that auditioned after Carly rose on x factor?

Your Gran!!

Who does Carly off of iCarly think is super hot?

The boy/guy Carly thinks is super hot is Garry Wolf a 'hot hot senior'.

What is the TV show called iCarly about?

It is about a girl named Carly and her friend sam has a webshow and a boy named freddy is they camara guy and he likes Carly.

What is the name of the iCarly episode when Sam and Carly date the same guy?

iSaw him first

Who did James Maslow play for in icarly?

he played (Shane) a guy who both sam and Carly liked

Is bille joe the guy in his video Jesus Of Suburbia?

No, the guy in the video is Lou Taylor Pucci.

Where can one find a funny Family Guy Christmas video clip?

You can find funny Family Guy Christmas video clips and other funny Family Guy video clips on lots of video streaming websites such as YouTube and Hulu.

Is there going to be an iCarly episode when Carly dates a bad boy?

yes.but the guy ends up breaking up with Carly because he catches Carly making fun of his little fluffy toy collection Carly's bother Spencer bikes was stolen, Carly brought him that bike in the epidode ipromote techfoots, And Carly started to date him, "His Names Griffen", but Spencer didn't like it, so they pretended to hate each other and went on secertly dating, Spencer caught them out and weirdly let them continue. Carly found a girly side to Griffen,"he collects pee wee babies, and he takes good care of them"Carly freaked out about it and told Sam and Freddie, Griffen ends up breaking up with Carly because he catches Carly making fun of his Pee wee babies. DON'T MISS IT.

When did they invented family guy video game?

They invented the family guy video game on Wednesday 4th October, 2009

Who is the guy playing johnny in the hooters video johnny b?

The guy playing johnny in the hooters video johnny b is the singer.

What song has a music video with a girl turning into a zombie at the end for a guy?

The song that has the music video with a girl turning into a zombie at the end for a guy is Thriller. The song and video was by Michael Jackson.

What actors and actresses appeared in The One Inch Man - 2011?

The cast of The One Inch Man - 2011 includes: Jim Agius as Jim Guy Henry Mueller as Chris Michael Heriford as Michael Carly Jo Hann as Carly

When is eminems bad guy video coming out?

As of January 2014 there is not a release date yet announced for Eminem's video titled Bad Guy.

Who is the guy in the You dont fool me video Queen?

The name of the guy in Queen's video, You Don't Fool Me is not known. You Don't Fool Me was released in 1996.

Who is the guy in the white tank in Janet Jackson's You Want This video?

The guy in the white tank in the video "You Want This" is Shahe Taleghani.

Is john goodman in True Grit?

Apparently not. Emmett Quincy (the guy with Moon in the cabin) was played by Paul Rae