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Who is the guy that sings rap songs?


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A person who sings rap songs is known as a rapper.

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I think the best songs to sing would be Taylor swift if you were a girl, but if you were a guy, maybe somebody country but not hip-hop or rap, unless ur trying to do rap, there is no-one that sings rap, and doesnt curse so.....

Fergie sings hip-hop and pop in some songs and then other song kinda rap and other songs she sings like smooth

They like you but are to nervous to talk to you

She sings, she does not rap.

Rayan cassata is a transgender guy ,and he sings aswome songs

r.kelly sings in both rap and pop. To be more percise, r.kelly sings street rap,

lead singer Martin Johnson sings all of their songs.

If your talking about the song Baby by Justin BIEBER, It isn't. It is Ludacris.

He sings rap battles but he doesn't sing any of his songs. Lose yourself and superman are on the bonus track

She sings a mixture of music, her first album involves: pop, rap, reggae and dubstep. So she sings a wide variety of genres.

Yes. He sings songs. He is my favorite Guy singer.

There are loads of songs called 'Storm Warning'.

There are many great underground rap songs. The greatness of these rap songs depends on your own personal preference for example.

The latest rap songs are coming from Young Money entertainment.

easy dont put rap songs in your ipod

Some of the best rap songs of all time are ten to twenty years old. Artists such as Eminem, Snoop Dog, and Run DMC, have some of the most played songs in rap history.

Eminem is a rap artist. He sings songs like:The Real Slimm ShadyMy BandNot AfraidLove The Way You Lieand more

All you need to do is memorize the songs and then start practicing it and soon enough you can rap it fast!

Justin Bieber sings it mostly and Jaden Smith sings the rap

She sings from her heart but... most of her songs are related to her break-up with one certain guy

Kid Rock started out in Rock N Roll music and has transitioned into country and rap music. He now sings mostly country/rap songs and is a very well known artist.

V.I.C. ft Soulja Boy sings "Get silly"

she sings hip-hop and rap! :p

Remember the name - Fort Minor most awesome beated rap songs

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