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Who is the heaviest player in NFL history?

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The Heaviest Football players in NFL history from 1920-2009, officially recorded are, Leonard Davis and Aaron Gibson both are/were 375 pounds and stand/stood 6'6" with Body Mass Indexes of 43.3. Now the weights go up and down all the time and there are varies articles on the web as you will see below where their weights have gone as high as 400+ pounds, however, those were not official weights to the best of my knowledge.

Here is other input:

  • Christopher McCarthy is the heaviest player in the NFL weighing in at 290 pounds he played for the Minnesota Vikings he was born in 1927 and died in 1962 due to health problems and obesity.
  • The heaviest NFL player OF ALL TIME is Korey Stringer.
  • Aaron Gibson was listed as 410 pounds as recently as last season.
  • Ted Washington of the Oakland Raiders. He's a whopping 365 lbs. 2nd is a tackle from the Ravens, Orlando Brown, or someone, at 360
  • Grady Jackson is somewhere close to 400 if not over
  • 56% are clinically Obese in NFL Gridiron medical tests revealed in 2005. Gridiron players are getting bigger every year.
  • William Perry weighed 382 in his prime.

If you are interested in muscular rather than fat players, consider Johnathan Ogden. He was 6' 9" and around 345 lbs. He was selected to the Pro Bowl eleven times. At one point, Leonard Davis was 381lbs, making him the second heaviest player in NFL history & the 1st most recent.

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Currently, the heaviest players in the NFL (as of the 2009 season) are Brandon McKinney, defensive tackle for the Baltimore Ravens, and Herman Johnson, guard for the Arizona Cardinals, who both are listed on the roster at 360 pounds.For the heaviest player in NFL history, see the related question below.

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William Perry of the Chicago Bears was the heaviest NFL player to score in a Super Bowl.

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"Iron Head" Craig Heyward 250- 340

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