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Who is the highest paid player in man utd?


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Manchester United highest paid player is Wayne Rooney.


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£125000, highest paid player at Man Utd.

Ruud Van Nisterooy scored the most goals for man utd

Sir Bobby Charlton is the all time the highest goalscorer for Manchester United.

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well when david beckham played for man utd he got paid bwt 750,000 that's the highest. The normal professional player in England connot get lower that 60,000 PER WEEK. The avrage is 80,000 to 100,000

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yes infact there has been one and his name is carlos teves, former man utd player, didn't get a contract so left man u and went man c. Also, not as big a name as Tevez but Terry Cooke moved from Utd to City in 1999 after a loan spell.

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Alex Stepney, the Man Utd goalkeeper who played in the 1968 European Cup winning team, went to Man Utd from Chelsea for £55,000 in 1966.

He joined Man Utd in 1986.

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