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Who is the highest single-game goalscorer in association football history?

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It is now 55-0 , in the Mining League of England. That is - 13 divisions inferior of the premier league. World's worst team is called, Madron FC.

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Who is highest goalscorer ever for sierra Leone national football team?

mohammed kallon

Who is highest goalscorer for man utd?

Sir Bobby Charlton is the all time the highest goalscorer for Manchester United.

What is the name of the highest governing body in soccer?

The highest governing body in world soccer is the International Football Association Board, or IFAB. The IFAB are the custodians of the seventeen Laws of the Game, and meet annually to discuss proposed updates to the Laws and other matters that impact the world of soccer on the highest levels. The IFAB is composed of the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA, the largest soccer association in the world) and the four pioneering soccer associations in the UK: England's Football Association (the FA), the Scottish Football Association (SFA) the Football Association of Wales (FAW), and the Irish Football Association (IFA) of Northern Ireland.

Which football player has scored the most goals?

I don't how true it is but I have been told the highest goalscorer in any country at any time was Petr Cech of Chelsea.

Who are the highest paid association football players?

Christiano Ronlaod with $16.95 MILLION!

The highest uncapped premier league English goalscorer?

Kevin Nolan

Who is Manchester United highest goalscorer of all times?

Wayne Rooney

Who was the highest Spanish goalscorer?

Raul (Real Madrid) is the highest goal scorer in Spain La Liga

European top goalscorer?

whi is the highest paid footballers in Europe. who is the highest goals scorer in European league

Who was highest goalscorer in German soccer history?

Gerd Muller 68 Goals

Who is the highest-paid Australian association football league player?

I think it is Tim Cahil.

Is Joseph yobo the highest home goal scorer in English premiere league?

No Joseph Yobo is not the highest goalscorer in the E.P.L. As he is a defender.

Who is the second highest goal scorer in English premiership ever?

The highest goalscorer in the e.p.l is Alan Shearer but the second highest goal scorer is Thierry Henry.

Current European leagues top goal scorer?

The highest Europen goalscorer is raul Gonzales of Spain.

Highest goalscorer personally for a country in all the World Cups they've played?

It is Ronaldo Lima with 15 goals.

Highest goalscorer for arsenal last year?

Emmanuel Adebayor. He scored 24 in the league and a total of 30 in all competitions.

Who is highest goalscorer in one one English premiership season ever?

in a 38 game season it is Alan Shearer with 31 goals.

Is thierry Henry arsenal's all-time highest goalscorer?

Yes he is. He scored 226 goals in 369 match appearances .

Who scored the most goals in Top Flight football?

== == Pel� has scored the most goals in professional top flight football. He ended his career with a total of 1281 goals in 1363 matches, becoming the highest goalscorer in professional football ever. Incorrect - Many people would say that, but Artur Friedenreich, a former Brazilian international from way before Pele's time, scored around 1365 goals in top flight football.

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Who is the highest paid professional football coach?

The highest paid professional football coach is- ur dad when he is horny

Who scorred highest goal in football?

Edson Arantes do Nascimento of Brazil is the player who has scored the highest goals in football.

What was Colorado football highest scoring football game?


Which Country won the highest trophies in the football world cup?

Brazil won the highest trophies in the football world cup.

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