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Leonard Jackson

2008-09-24 03:39:14
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Q: Who is the hot looking African American guy in the new Lincoln Mercury commercial is it the same guy in the Verizon commercial shown several months ago?
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What was the song in Lincoln Mercury commercial?

Joe Jackson - Steppin'out

Who is the girl in the Ford Lincoln Mercury commercial?

Jill Wagner

What race was Freddie mercury?


Who is the older man in Lincoln mercury commercial?

John Slattery (very sexy older man)

What is the commercial value of element mercury?

there is no commercial value for mercury

What is the song in Lincoln Mercury commercial some lyrics are earth below us drifting falling?

The name of the song is "Major Tom (Coming home)" by Peter Schilling.Shiny Toy Guns sings the version in the Mercury commercial, Sisely Treasure is the female singing.

Who is the lady acrobat in the Mercury insurance commercial?

Melinda Maxi

Under the Milky Way who sings it in the Lincoln mercury commercial?

sia-furler- sings the cover for Church's song - under the milky way in the Lincoln commercial. .. i know what you mean once i found out I downloaded her version of the song right away. I love it =)

Who sings under the milky way tonight in Lincoln mercury commercial?

Sia, you can get a free download at the following link.

Is a mercury mariner a non-commercial vehicle?

The Mercury Mariner is a passenger vehicle. It's only a commercial vehicle if used for commercial purposes. If it has passenger plates, it is not considered a commercial vehicle, and is not subject to commercial vehicle restrictions.

Who sings the jingle for Lincoln-Mercury?

Under the Milky Way by Sia

Who is the actress in the Mercury commercial?

Jill Wagner

Who sang that song in the Lincoln mercury commercial?

I think it's Jesse Sykes Actually ..... The bands name is "Shiny Toy Guns" the song "Major Tom (coming home).mp3"

What is Colin Fords middle name?

Lincoln Mercury

Who is the lady that does the mercury cars commercial?

Jill Wagner

Mercury the god of what?

commerce and commercial stuff or something like that

Does ford own Lincoln town cars?

Ford, Lincoln, Mercury. They're one big happy family.

Who is the pretty brunette in the Lincoln-Mercury car commercial?

Brunette in Lincoln-Mercury CommercialJill Wagner! Answerher name is Jill Wagner and she is the hottest woman on all of tv. i don't know what gets me hotter; her smile,her high heels,the blue top showing her awesome breasts jiggling when she walks,or all of the above. i would die for just one minute holding her in my arms or having her long beautiful legs wrapped around my head.OMG she is a doll and sexy as can be. Answeryes, that is Jill Wagner, formerly of punk'd.

What came first in the American space program the shuttle or Mercury?


Who is the actress that appears in the Lincoln Mercury commercials?

Her name is Jill Wagner

Name Ford car brands?

Ford JaguarMercuryLincoln

What car does L30001 fit?

Various Ford Lincoln Mercury Models

What is the song in the 2009 mercury milan commercial?

Tones on Tail- Go!

Who replaced Jill Wagner in the new mercury commercial?

probably no one

Who sings somewhere over the rainbow mercury commercial?

Tiki Taane