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There is no one poughkeepsie killer. Well there is one but he only killed 8 women and they were all prostitutes and or drug addicts. He didn't video tape them. The director of the moive said he took a bunch of different serial murder cases from around the world and put them together to make a movie.

His name was Kendall Francois, the spelling may be incorrect. Like Zodiac in San Francisco, this is Poughkeepsie's most heinous if only because he is the most well known. The film is not the true story, obviously. The victims of Francois were all suspected street walkers, because they were easy to catch, and not easily missed. They were all petite brunettes, abducted mostly from parking lots. My mother refused to let me go to the mall for six months. When they caught him, he was living in the apartment above a group of friends of mine. The bodies were stashed at his parent's house, if I remember correctly.

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There isn't actually a killer named "The Poughkeepsie Killer" I am assuming you are referrring to the movie "The Poughkeepsie Tapes". This movie DOES NOT chronicle the killing spree of an actual killer, it is in fact fiction. Although there has been several serial killers who called Poughkeepsie home, such as Kendall Francois who strangled 8 women and kept them in his house-where he and his family resided and Nataniel White who murdered 4 women in the Hudson valley area. The premise of the story in the Poughkeepsie Tapes do not reflect the actions or lives of either killers.

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