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Christians believe that in order to be a Christian (follower of Jesus) you must repent of your sins and invite Jesus into your heart and make Him your Savior and Lord. That makes Him the leader of Christianity.

As for human leaders, there are many branches of protestant Christianity, so there is not one leader. Catholics believe the leader is the Pope.

Here are more answers:

  • Jesus Christ is the leader, founder, and savior of Christianity, and the world.
  • Jesus Christ did not practice Christianity. He practiced Judaism, preached Judaism, and even celebrated Passover. He is the reason for Christianity, but he is not the person who made or established it.

Jesus Christ
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What is the title of religious leader in Christianity?

The title of the world leader of the main religion Christianity is The Pope.

Who is the leader of worship in Christianity?

Jesus Christ is the leader of worship in christianity. With Peter (Pope) as his visible head here on earth.

How does bishop relate to Christianity?

In Christianity, the bishop is the spiritual leader of a diocese.

Who was the spiritual leader of the Christianity?

The Pope.Jesus.God. ?

Who is the first leader of Christianity?


What do you call a Christianity leader?


Who is the ritual leader of Christianity?

There is no ritual leader for Christian's if there was then we'd be religious

Who was the leader who allowed Christianity?

Many leaders have allowed Christianity and many have prohibited it.

Does Protestantism have a pope?

The pope is the leader of all Christianity but he is not recognized by Protestants as their leader.

Who is the spritual leader of Christianity?

Jesus Christ is the spiritual leader of all Christians.

What is the name of a major leader in Christianity?

God and Jesus Christ are the major leaders of Christianity.

First leader of Christianity?

Jesus Christ

Who was the first leader of Christianity?

Jesus Christ.

Who was the leader of the western branch of Christianity?


Who leads the worship of Christianity?

The worship leader is to lead. This leader can be a member of the choir or priesthood.

The first frankish leader to convert to Christianity?


What is a religious leader in Christianity?

usually the pastor at a church

Who was the leader or founder of Christianity?

Basically, Jesus Christ.

What was the name of the spiritual leader of Christianity?

That would be Jesus.

Who is the original spiritual leader in Christianity?

The original spiritual leader on Christianity was obviously Jesus as he was the one who taught us to be good people and helped us connect with God

What Jewish leader converted to Christianity?

Sid Roth is a Jewish leader converted to Christianity. You can read about him on several locations but I have included one of his websites on the related link below.

Who is the Christianity leader?

Jesus is the son of God who is the one that created the Earth. Jesus is the religion leader.

How did Roman leader try to stop the spread of Christianity?

Which Roman leader exactly? Whom are your referring to?

Who was the leader that brought Christianity to the Franks?

Chlodovocar, more commonly known as Clovis, brought Christianity to the Franks.

Who is the major religious leader in Christianity?

The pastor. ---- The Pope, With most of the Christians in the world being Roman Catholics, The Roman Catholic Church is the face of Christianity to the non-Christian world, as such, the Pope is the most major religious leader in Christianity.