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The leader of France is the president of France, currently François Hollande.

(took office May 15, 2012)

The president of France also nominally appoints the Prime Minister of France (currently Jean-Marc Ayrault) who is also seen as a leader of France, and is chosen from the elected members of the majority party or coalition.


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By 18 france can vote and choose their leader.

The leader of France is called a president. The current President of France is named Francois Hollande. He is a socialist party leader.

The leader of France in 2009 was the President of France Nicolas Sarkozy. The Prime Minister of France was François Fillon.

Yes, Napoleon Bonaparte was an important leader in France.

France never had a leader going with the name of Benevitito.

The leader of France during the French Revolution was Louis XVI .

The leader of France in 1940 was Charles De Gaulle. When the Germans took over France, he moved the government to England. After the war, he was elected president of France for several terms.

Raymond Poincare was the President of France in 1914.

Nicolas Sarkozy is the President of France.

Francois Hollande is the president of France in 2014.

Charles de Gaulle was the major military leader of France during World War 2.

Benito Mussolini was the leader of Italy before and during WWII. He never had any position in France.

Philippe Petain who the nominal leader of Vichy France which was a German controlled client state .

France. france is the world leader in volume and quolity.

Napolean took rule of France in 1804. Before that France was a constitutional republic.

Napoléon Bonaparte is one

John Adams was the leader who avoided war with France. As a result of avoiding war, he lost popularity with the people.

who was the leader of the astro/hungarian emire in ww1

During the revolution, France was a monarchy. The King of France at that time was Louis XVI.

Georges Clemenceau was Prime Minister of France from 1917 to 1920.

there really is only one leader of France which is Nicholas Sarkozy

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