Who is the leader of the Mormon temple?

Each of the 130 temples of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (commonly called the "Mormon" Church) is managed by a 'Temple President' and two 'Counselors'. Their wives serve as 'Temple Matrons' and assist in managing the day to day activities at their assigned temple. Temple Presidents serve mostly in managerial roles, coordinating service times, visitors, and volunteers, and occassionally lead worship services inside the temple. Temple Presidents are replaced every few years.

The Church as a whole is lead by a Prophet (currently Thomas S. Monson), his two counselors, and Twelve Apostles. The activities of each temple, congregation, and geographical Church area are under their jurisdiction.

Each of the nearly 29,000 congregations of the Church is lead by a 'Bishop' (for large congregations) or a 'Branch President' (for small congregations) and two counselors. These men are usually replaced every five years.

None of these leaders is paid for their service, it is all on a volunteer basis.