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The district attorney.

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Who is the legal defender for the state?

state attorney general

Legal defender for the state?

state attorney general

Who is the legal defender for a state?

state attorney general

The is the legal defender for the state?

Attorney General!

What is the difference between legal defender and public defender?

A 'legal defender" generally refers to any member of the Bar. A "Public Defender" refers to an attorney (usually employed by the state) who acts as the legal counsel to indigent defendants.

The approach to providing legal services to indigent defendants where private attorneys are selected from a list and reimbursed by the state is the system?

public defender

Can you change a public defender to a state appointed attorney?

public defender is someone who represents the court a state appointed attorney is someone who the court will appoint to the accused to represent them in court I would double check this as I am from Scotland and we have a different legal system and its a solicitor over here not an attorney

What are the ratings and certificates for Boston Legal - 2004 Son of the Defender 3-18?

Boston Legal - 2004 Son of the Defender 3-18 is rated/received certificates of: Argentina:13

Is it legal for a receiver to knock down a defender on the line of scrimmage and run a route?

In most leagues, yes, this is legal provided that both are near the line of scrimmage and that the receiver is not illegally using his hands to restrain or grapple the defender.

Do you have to pay for a Public Defender in Texas?

No, a public defender is appointed free of charge to those individuals who are charged with a crime and cannot afford an attorney. The public defender is an attorney, but one who is paid by the state or the county. A public defender may be appointed not only in a criminal case, but also in a juvenile, mental health or dependency case. For those who need additional resources, most states and courts offer self help and legal aid information. In Texas there is free and low cost civil legal assistance available through Other resources for Texas legal aid can be found at

Who is a legal defender for a state?

This is a somewhat difficult question given the extreme generality of your terminology. In U.S. States, the chief lawyer and chief law-enforcement officer is the Attorney General. However, the Solicitor General is the officer who advocates for the State before the State Supreme Court.

Where can you find a public defender in Brooklyn?

If you are charged with a crime that could result in a loss of liberty, the court will appoint a public defender for you if you can't afford to hire a lawyer. You don't "find" the public defender yourself; the court will appoint one. But you can get information about Brooklyn Defender Services at the first related link below. I found this at the second related link below, which also has links to information about criminal procedure (see the Self Help and Legal Research category) and other public defender offices (see the Legal Aid and Lawyer Referral category).

How do you write a letter to a judge to help a defendant?

You don't. You need to speak to the persons legal defender (attorney)

Who is the chief defender of the state in lawsuits against the state?

The State's Attorney General or a delegate handles the court matters dealing with the State.

What does a state attorney general do?

The state attorney general is a legal position. The individual provides legal counsel for representatives of the state. It is the highest legal position in a state.

What is extended deterrence?

"A confrontation in which the policymakers of one state ('defender') threaten the use of force against another state ('potential attacker') in an attempt to prevent that state from using military force against an ally - or territory controlled by an ally ('protégé') - of the defender" (p. 424).

What is legal length knife in Oklahoma state?

What is the legal length of a knife can you carry in the state of Oklahoma? What is the legal length of a knife can you carry in the state of Oklahoma?

How can you get legal counsel if you are broke?

In a criminal case, through the public defender or appointed by the court. In a civil case, you can try legal aid or a local pro bono project, but there is no guarantee.

Is pepper spray legal in Washington state?

Pepper spray is legal in Washington state.

What state is global warming legal in?

Global Warming is not illegal in a state. Its not legal or illegal.

What is another name for lawyers?

A lawyer may be referred to as an attorney, barrister (court), counsel, advocate, legal adviser, or defender.

What are the release dates for Boston Legal - 2004 Son of the Defender 3-18?

Boston Legal - 2004 Son of the Defender 3-18 was released on: USA: 3 April 2007 Germany: 5 December 2007 Japan: 5 May 2009 Hungary: 7 May 2013

Are money lenders legal in every state?

Money lenders are not legal in every state. Most of the states have it that money lenders are legal but in some states they are not legal to do that to you.

What are minimum assets to qualify for public defender?

Unable to answer because the income and financial resource figure that qualifies you is different from state-to-state.

What states is spanking legal?

It is legal in every state!