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Q: Who is the main chracter in The Last Leaf?
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Description of characters of the last leaf?

description of the main character of the last leaf

How did the main chracter change in Fever 1793?

She got older

What is keeping main chracter from dragon dragon getting what he or she wants?

i have no clue

Who are the main characters in the clone codes?

the is only one main chracter in the book The Clone Codes and its Leanna

What is the ending of last leaf?

the last leaf ends with the reader finding out that the leaf was actually painted on the tree, so it was kind of a placebo for keeping the main character alive. that's all i remember.

Who is the cat on the cover of Warriors Into the Wild?

It is Rusty/Firepaw/Fireheart, the main chracter of the book/

Who are the characters in the princess academy?

Miri is the main chracter in the book, Marda, Katar, and Tutor Olana

Why was prince Caspian a main chracter in the story the chronciles of Narnia prince Caspian?

Because it is mostly about him.

Who are the main character of the last leaf by o Henry?

Johnsy, Sue and Mr. Behrman

Characters of the last leaf?

who is the characters of the last leaf

Short summary of the last leaf?

What is the significance of the title the last leaf? What does the leaf symbolise?

What are the five main parts of a leaf?

The leaf blade , the main vein , the veins , the stem and the leaf.

Who is the characters of the last leaf?

Sue - The main characterJohnsy - Friend of "Sue"Behram - The old painter

When was The Last Leaf created?

The Last Leaf was created in 1983.

What is the duration of The Last Leaf?

The duration of The Last Leaf is 1440.0 seconds.

What does a chracter do in a book what does a chracter need to have to be classified as a chracter?

A character is anyone who exists in the story. There are specific types of character that require specifications. Antagonist, protagonist etc.

Plot of The last leaf by O Henry?

Plot of the last leaf by o.henry

Highligths of the last leaf?

the last leaf that is being on the stage of falling down

Who sang the song The last leaf?

Cascades sang the song 'Last Leaf'.

The summary of The Last Leaf by O Henry?

the last leaf by o henry

The Significance of the Title of the Story The Last Leaf?

The title of The Last Leaf is significant as it compares the falling of the last leaf to death. Johnsy, who suffered from pneumonia, felt that when the last leaf fell, she would die. Her neighbor, and artist, was determined to keep the last leaf intact on the tree. He braved a storm to paint the last leaf on a wall, making Johnsy believe that the leaf had not fallen. He contracted pneumonia in doing so, and died when the last leaf fell.

When was The Last Leaf by O Henry published?

The Last Leaf was first published in 1907.

What is a leaf's main purpose?

A leaf's main purpose is to turn sunlight into sugars to feed the plant.

What does the leaf on the Canadian flag stand for?

the states main leaf

What is the main part of a leaf?

The blade is said to be the main part of a leaf. Photosynthesis occurs in the blade. The leaf blade is also known as the lamina.