Who is the most active WikiAnswers user?

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The numbers can sometimes change, but they are listed in the Hall of Fame. See the related link below.
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What are opinions of the most famous user on WikiAnswers?

Although opinions will vary, this distinction can easily be given to the original creator - Chris Whitten (user name: Chris). Without him, there might not be a WikiAnswers (an

Which user on WikiAnswers has made the most contributions?

Users with the Highest Number of Contributions as of August 7, 2016 . Dfoofnik - 3,668,530 contributions . HisPowr4U - 3,232,350 contributions . Rudiful2 - 3,137,

Can you report an unregistered user on WikiAnswers?

You can report the user in the " Report Vandalism and Abuse " thread in the Community Forum. See the related links. . Make sure to include a link to the user's contributions

Which users on WikiAnswers have won the most WAmmy Awards?

As of February 2010, three contributors share that honor with four WAmmy Awards apiece: . Dlmick . JoyceP . Viper1usmc Those with three award wins include the followi

Who was the first user to be blocked on WikiAnswers?

The privelege of the first ever blocked user on Wikianswers goes to :!@#$% (I can not tell the username otherwise I will get blocked from Wikianswers myself. ). He was blocked
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Which user on WikiAnswers has answered the most questions?

As of November 7, 2013, 4Jays has answered themost questions with a total of 147,427 answers. Mehtamatics is in second place with 91,535 answers. The link below leads to a
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Which activity do you find the most difficult on WikiAnswers?

Answering question is probably the most difficult task on wiki answers because it requires knowledge on a certain subject, and time to type out a good answer. Other activities
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How do you get other users on WikiAnswers to notice you?

The main goal of the site is to get out legitimate and helpful answers to questions. While you are doing that, getting to know other contributors is a fun experience. Here are