Notorious Murderers and Serial Killers

Who is the most notorious serial killer in america?

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July 31, 2011 9:20PM

There are several that could fit that description. Ted Bundy

taught America that you can't trust a handsome face and charming

demeanor. John Wayne Gacy was everyone's ideal neighbor, a

businessman and involved in local politics when he wasn't

entertaining children with his Pogo the Clown personna. Jeffrey

Dahmer shocked the world with his freezer full of heads and other

body parts, leftovers from victims he had for dinner. Gary

Ridgeway, quiet and polite, considered a good Christian by those

who knew him, killed over 60 young women in the Seattle, WA, area.

He was finally caught by advances in DNA technology after two

decades of killing. And finally, Charles Manson*, a living,

breathing nightmare who has brought untold misery to those unlucky

enough to enter his orbit.

*Charles Manson is considered a serial killer but also was a

cult leader.

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