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Not many famous sports person are there in Pakistan but some might ring a bell in you:-
Shahid Afridi (Cricket)
Wasam Akram (Former cricket bowler)
Umar Akmal( Cricket)
Saeed Ajmal( Cricket)
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In present times, it is Shahid Afridi.

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Q: Who is the most popular cricketer in Pakistan?
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Who is the best cricketer in Pakistan?

The best cricketer of Pakistan currently is Shahid Afridi and the one who is most popular in Pakistan.

Who is the most handsome cricketer?

Mohammad Amir from Pakistan.

What is the most popular food in Pakistan?

Most popular food in Pakistan is rice.

Who is the most popular cricketer in india?

Sachin Tendulkar

Who is the most popular cricketer in the world?

sachin is the most popular player popular among 1 billion and more ghazi

Who is Pakistan's Richest Cricketer?

shahid afridi

Who is famous cricketer of Pakistan?

Shahid Afridi.

Who is Pakistan famous cricketer?

Shahid Afridi.

What is the name of the most popular newspaper in Pakistan?

The Daily Jang is the largest and the most popular Urdu language newspaper in Pakistan.

Which party is most popular in Pakistan?

Pakistan tehreek-e- insaf

Muhammad all is famous for which sport?

He is a Pakistan cricketer

Do you have to be a Pakistani cricketer to play for Pakistan team?

yes. what you can do ?