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Who is the most powerful in the marvel universe?


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December 02, 2010 12:03PM

The official "most powerful" Marvel character is the entity known as "The One Above All"(rumoured to be Stan Lee, he took on the appearance of Jack "King" Kirby for one appearance); he is the only character that the Living Tribunal answers to and even manipulated the death-loving Thanos into correcting a fundamental flaw in the universe that would have otherwise destroyed all existence(an irony that Thanos himself realized).

He was created by Steve Englehart in Dr. Strange #13, April 1976; he created Marvel's "Multiverse" and is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent.

It remains to be seen if the character is associated or even the same as the Celestial known by the same name who was introduced in Eternals #7 at nearly the same time, January 1977.

The concept of the Celestials, and a lot of their terminology and naming, is based directly on a model set by the "real-world" God and his Angels(ie: "fourth host", Tefral, Nezzar, Gammenon, Arishem, Jemiah, Eson, Oneg, etc. etc. etc), so with the leader of the Celestials(ie: the leader of the Angelic host) having the same name as the absolutely ultimate character in the Marvel Universe, it's possible that these two characters may actually be both the same "One-Above-All".

In this context, then certain cosmic forces of nature would also be seen as Celestials as well as their more familiar forms, such as Arishem the Judge(Living Tribunal) and Exitar the Exterminator(Galactus), etc; this concept is not new or foreign to the Marvel Universe, with Galactus himself being viewed as any number of forms depending on the life-forms that he is being viewed by. In this case, they could be said to use their alternate names and identities(which are hidden inside the Celestial armour) when carrying out the One Above All's will, etc.