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Iago is obviously the villain, but if Othello had not been susceptible to Iago's lies because of jealousy, they would have had no effect.

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Q: Who is the most responsible for the tragedy in Othello?
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Is Othello in Shakespeare drama responsible for his tragedy or circumstances are responsible?

Like in real life. Othello is both responsible and victim of circumstances.

Is Othello responsible for his tragedy or circumstances are responsible?

It depend on the way that you look at the play

Is Othello a comedy?

NO! Othello is DEFINITELY a tragedy.

Is Othello humor?

Shakespeare's Othello is essentially a tragedy

What genre is Othello?

A tragedy

To what extent is Iago responsible for the tragedy of Othello?

Largely. Iago is the instigator, the person who is at the root of all the trouble in the play. He is one of the most evil of villains in drama.

What is the importance of Othello in tragedy?

Othello is the protagonist and title character of the play.

What Shakespeare tragedy has a handkerchief?


Why is Othello called a domestic tragedy?

Othello has been called a domestic tragedy because it deals with the matter between husband and wife. However, if we analyse it then we come to know that Othello as a whole is not a domestic tragedy, because Othello was not aware of the family politics and the gentle woman of Venice(?) Although it appears to be a domestic tragedy, it'd really just a general tragedy.

Is Othello a tragedy of sexual jealousy?

Yes Definitely!

Was the story Othello by Shakespeare a tragedy?

Absolutely. Othello is possibly the most heart-rending of Shakespeare's tragedies, since a totally innocent woman ends up getting murdered by the man who loves her the most.

Do you agree that Othello is a domestic tragedy?

Certainly. It is a tragedy, as the characters we sympathize with end up dead. It is domestic, because the locus of the tragic events is the marriage between Othello and Desdemona.

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