Who is the name of the person who brought about the internet?

It wouldn't be accurate to say that any person brought about the Internet. The Internet was born out of a large project involving the military, government, universities, and corporations. Nor did the Internet as we know it begin to exist at any particular time. First, computers at research sites were connected intermittently via modems; protocols such as UUCP were added to route messages between these systems over the modem links. Eventually protocols such as IP would be developed to move away from a particular application communicating via a serial port and toward the integration of a network stack on top of or into the operating system. There were a number of milestones in this regard each of which made the network which we now call the Internet and which was born out of these early efforts look more and more like it does today. The most recent major milestone occurred in the mid 1990s when "regular people" not affiliated with universities, governments, militaries, and major corporations in the U.S. were "allowed onto" the Internet via the advent of "Internet Service Providers". Before this, the "amateur" networks such as CompuServe, GEnie, and Delphi stood separate to the Internet which was the government/education/military/corporate network.