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Who is the new WWE's new raw gm?


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John Laurinitis is the current Raw GM

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From the spoilers i have heard they said they will announce the raw gm on the first raw of 2011.

Triple H was the anonymus GM of Raw until he returned. The new rumor is that Mr.McMahon is the new GM.

I think the new RAW GM is HBK or Stone Cold Steve Austin, or even The UnderTaker!

The new raw gm is Stone Cold Steve Austin. On raw July 5th 2010 the mystery gm said anti quote"If you want action give me a Hell Yeah."

No, RAW is getting a new GM on December 5,2005, could be Shane McMahon

The Raw GM has to be freinds with Micheal cole.

Stone Cold Steve Austin

The gm of raw is actually Kevin Nash.I saw on Curt Hawkins twitter that he said He was the Raw Gm.I say it's impossible.

the secret gm of monday night raw is triple h

Stone cold Steve Austin

John cena John Cena has never been the GM for RAw

After New Years Revolution probably.AnswerAt Wrestlemaina And It Will Be JR Answermore then likely never

It is unknown who the RAW General Manager is.

The General Manager of RAW is unknown.

Oct 18 2010 yes its true because he sign a new contract as raw gm

No, he isn't the G.M of Raw.

I think it is tripe h or Shawn michels or dx it is Shane McMahon

Hornswoggle is the anonymous GM on Raw July 9 2012.

The raw GM is Trish Stratus

It is unknown who the General Manager of RAW is.

We don't know for sure but it will tell us on Monday Night Raw June 28th.Right now Michael Cole during the show has been getting Mail from the New GM to find out watch WWE Monday Night Raw.

The Gm will be announced at bragging rights, or it will be announced at Survivor Series

it is vince mcmahon.he did it so he can be both gm and chairman and that is why he is anymous.

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