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Who is the oldest independent brokerage firm in the US?


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merry linch

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It's Cadwalader. Actually, the oldest law firm in the United States is the US Army JAG Corps, established in 1775.

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CBRE is a corporate commercial real estate brokerage firm that provides its clients with information and services on global real estate trends and markets. It also provides services to assist its clients in environmentally friendly practices.

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Enginerring firm, architecture firm, US Patent Office

Your money in securities will be lost only if the organizations or firms of which you hold securities go bust. Let us say you hold 1000 shares of Google Inc through XYZ brokerage firm. As long as google is stable and in business, irrespective of the XYZ firms status, your securities are safe. XYZ is just a custodian and can only hold on to your securities for safe keeping. They cannot use or pledge or sell your securities without your written consent/authorization.

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