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merry linch

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Q: Who is the oldest independent brokerage firm in the US?
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Who is the largest independent brokerage firm in the US?

Merrill Lynch or Charles Schwab

Who to open a stock brokerage firm in the US?

requirements to open stock brokerage firm

What is the oldest law firm in the US?

It's Cadwalader. Actually, the oldest law firm in the United States is the US Army JAG Corps, established in 1775.

What does package data processed by brokerage waiting for clearance mean?

The package was given to a firm UPS contracts, that specializes in dealing with US customs. So it is being inspected by US customs office.

What are the safest brokerage firms in the US?

Seely Brothers

What is the number of brokerage accounts in US?

Over a hundred.

Do your recently passed away grandmothers old stock certificates dated 1976 from standard oil company have any value to us can you use them?

Bring them to a full service brokerage firm and they can check.

What is the oldest us capital city?

The first US capital was Philadelphia. This would be the oldest capital of the US.

What is the oldest state in the US?

The oldest state Virginia. The oldest university is UNC

What was the first African colony to gain independence?

If you truly want to know, then the answer is Liberia. It became independent from the US in 1847. This makes Liberia the oldest independent African colony/country. Once being a part of the US, the people of Liberia decided to start a government just like the US. Interesting, right?

Is the oldest city in the US?

St. Augustine is the oldest city in the US.

What is the oldest rock in the US?

The oldest rocks in the US are the granitic gneisses of southwest Minnesota.

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