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Who is the oldest person to bench press 300 pounds?


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September 08, 2014 1:15PM

Robert Clayton of Tacoma, Wa. Benched 300 without a shirt at 69 years of age.

Tom Sisk of Woodstock, GA Benched 303 without a shirt at 75 yrs 3 months in

sanctioned competition.

Tom Sisk also Benched 308 without a shirt at 75 yrs 6 months at GPS World

competition 12/2011 and is concluded as being the oldest person to benchpress

over 300 lbs "raw" in competition.

Tom Sisk Benched 300.9 lbs at 78 yr 4 months at the APC America Cup on 9/6/14 and is still considered the oldest man in the World to bench press over 300 lbs in sanctioned competition.