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Who is the owner of Hindustan Unilever Ltd?

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The corporate head quarters for Unilever is:

Unilever Foodsolutions

Weena 455, 3013 AL

PO Box 760, 3000 DK


The Netherlands

Unilever is a publicly traded company based in London and Rotterdam, which means that stockholders own this company.

See the link below for Unilever India.

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Nitin Paranjpe is the Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of the Hindustan Unilever, appointed in 2008.

Hindustan Unilever was created in 1933.

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A person can become a distributor of Hindustan Unilever LDT by contacting the Authorized Aviance Experience Centre, or AAEC. There are no royalty or entry fees to join or become a distributor.

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