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Bobby Vinton

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Q: Who is the polish prince?
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What does the prince from Sleeping Beauty look like?


Who was Napoleon's Polish Marshal of France?

Prince Jozef Antoni Poniatowski.

What nicknames does Bobby Vinton go by?

Bobby Vinton goes by The Polish Prince.

Who were Jacqueline Kennedy's siblings?

She had a sister named Lee, born in 1933. She went on to marry a Polish prince.

Did Bobby vinton die?

As of August, 2012 The Polish Prince is still alive and living with his wife in Florida.

What has the author Bobby Vinton written?

Bobby Vinton has written: 'The Polish prince' -- subject(s): Singers, Biography

How do you say Polish in Polish?

Polish in Polish is "Polski".

What is the Polish word for Polish?

The polish word for Polish is: Polski.

Are Polish and polish synonyms?

No. Polish can be a verb, as in to polish a penny (clean or brighten a penny). Polish can be an adjective, as in "That man is Polish." Polish is used to describe people from Poland.

What words have a different pronunciation capitalized and a different pronunciation lower case?

Polish and polish. Polish as in the Polish Hotdogs. And polish as in I polish my nails

Did Jackie Kennedy have any famous relatives?

I don´t think she had really famous relatives, her sister was famous because she was Jackie´s sister......... she married a prince and enjoyed being called princess but he was a Polish prince living in the exile........ not really a prince who belonged to a powerful royal family......

What is a Polish Gรณral?

polish Goral is ...polish mountain.

What part of speech is polish?

The word polish is a regular verb. Get a clean rag and polish the furniture. (polish = verb)Polish is also a noun. She covered the tabletop with furniture polish. (polish = noun)Not to be confused with the proper noun Polish.

What word has one pronunciation when it is capitalized and another pronunciation when it is not capitalized?

Polish polish Polish: when you are from Poland, you are Polish polish: like furniture polish or nail polish Trust me it is Polish and polish because It was a riddle on my test and I wrote those two words down and got it right.

How to polish polish stainless steel appliances?

with stainless steel polish with stainless steel polish

Why do you have nail polish?

Because i love to polish me toenails! I polish them everyday. I LOVE NAIL POLISH!

Are polish and Polish homophones?

No. 'Polish', as in a person from Poland, is pronounced "POE-lish". The other 'polish', as in shoe polish, is pronounced "PAW-lish".

Why are polish and Polish spelled the same?

Polish and polish are homonyms--words that have the same spelling but different meanings.

What is the Polish airforce in Polish?

Polish airforce = Polskie siły powietrzne

What is a polish?

a Polish is a Pole, or someone from Poland. unless you were talking about polish as in nail polish. then it is just paint i think.

Where do you apply body polish?

There are different types of polish. There are nail polish and body polish, which you can rub on all of the body.

How do you spell polish?

There's Polish, spelled with the capital "p," which means originating in Poland, such as Polish people or Poles, and there's polish as in nail polish. So you spelled it right:p However, the two words (Polish and polish) are pronounced differently.

How do you say no in polish?

"No" in Polish is "Nie".

Is there a wikianswer in polish?

No, there is no Wikianswer in Polish

How do you polish walnut?

how to polish walnut