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Who is the president of the US Senate who replaces him during his absences?


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who replaces the president of the US senate in his absences

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The Vice-President is the President of the Senate.The President pro tempore (President pro tem), who chairs the Senate during the absence of the Vice President, is an elected position within the Senate, and is normally the US senator with the most seniority within the majority party.

No- the president had to give up his seat in the Senate when he became president/

The Chief Justice of the United States presides over the Senate during an impeachment trial of the President.

According to current Senate rules, the Chief-Justice of the United State presides over the Senate during an impeachment trial.

while the senate was voting, (see the senate acts as the jury while a president is being impeached, and the Judge is the Speaker of the House)

As part of the Legislative Branch, the Senate has the power to override a veto from the President. The Senate also has to approve treaties negotiated by the Executive Branch. The Senate also approves some appointments by the President, like federal judges, members of the Supreme Court, and ambassadors to other nation s. The Senate also acts as the "jury" during impeachment of a president. It checks the President by requesting monthly reports from the White House about the President's actions.

The vice president is the president of the Senate and can settle tiebreakers when necessary. Also, he will serve in place of the president if the latter is absent or unavailable during his term.

In the United States, if a president is impeached by the House of Representatives then he is tried by the Senate. The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court presides over the Senate during the trial, and two-thirds of the senators are needed to have a conviction. If the president is convicted, he is removed from office and the Vice President becomes the new President.

i dont know much about it, but i do know if the president were to die during his term, the vice president would take over, not congress -bg

The US Senate selects the vice-president if no candidate receives a majority of the electoral vote.

Hattie Caraway was the first woman elected to served in the United States Senate. She was elected during the presidency of Herbert Hoover.

The last time there was a filibuster-proof Senate was more than 30 years ago in 1977, during President Jimmy Carter's administration.

The president remains in his position during the trial. The Chief-Justice of the United States presides over the trial in the Senate,

He was the VP under Lincoln during the civil war. Became president when Lincoln died and served in the senate.

No. If the president is found guilty by 2/3 of the Senate, he is stripped on his office and is no longer President . ( I suppose, however, that some might still call him "President".)

The Legislative branch: H.R, (House of Representative's) Senate.

The term "pro tem" means "for a time". The President Pro Tem of the US Senate takes over the chairmanship of the Senate when the Vice President, who normally serves as the President of the Senate (and yes, that is per ordinance of the US Constitution) cannot be present in the Senate during times when the Senate is in session. So it's safe to presume that if there was, anywhere, a "mayor pro tem", then that would mean a person filling in temporarily for a mayor who was not able to be present at that time.

for the United States Presidential Electoral Votes. In the House of Representatives chamber during a joint session with the Vice President acting as the President of the Senate or the President Pro Tempore to count the votes.

No, not during the term. The vice-president can be impeached by the House and then removed from office after a trial by the Senate. If a president runs for a second term, he can get a different running mate for his second run, if the nomination convention agrees.

He didn't run for president.He was the VP under Lincoln during the civil war. Became president when Lincoln died and served in the senate.

He was the VP under Lincoln during the civil war. Became president when Lincoln died and served in the senate.

He was the VP under Lincoln during the civil war. He became president when Lincoln died and before that was in the Senate.

Charles I was king. Close to that time Queen Isabella was consort and regent during his absences.

According to the US constitution, the only delegated responsibility is as President of theSenate, and as the individual who would succeed the President (or serve as acting President where needed) during his term in office. As President of the Senate he can vote to break a tie vote, but that is the only time he can vote.Recent Presidents sometimes ask the VP to represent the US in place of the President at such events as state funerals as well as carry out other assignments.

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