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The protagonist in Dear John is John Tyree. He is also the main character!

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Because he was a veteran and spent most of his life serving in the American army.

"Dear John" in Danish is Kære john

Dear John was written by Nicholas Sparks.

Dear John is rated PG-13.

The publisher of 'Dear John' is Warner Books.

the Dear John movie is 105 minutes.

The Production Budget for Dear John was $25,000,000.

Dear John was directed by Lasse Hallström.

Dear john will be out in theaters Febuary 5th, 2010.

Amanda Seyfried plays Savannah in Dear John.

George and lennie is the protagonist in the story

'Dear John' had a release date of February 5, 2010.

The themes of Dear John are love, fantasy, youth and age.

Dear John grossed $111,362,410 worldwide.

Dear John - novel - was created in 2007.

In Nicholas Sparks' novel, Dear John, John Tyree lives with his father in Wilmington, North Carolina.

The song, "Dear John (aka A Dear John Letter)," was recorded as a duet with Jean Shepard and Ferlin Husky back in the 1950's.

You can write, "Dear Doe Family" or "Dear John Doe and Family" or "Dear John and Jane Doe and Family".

The phrase "dear John" in the Yoruba language is "Eyin Johannu."

Dear John grossed $80,014,842 in the domestic market.

visit the link below there u can see Dear JOhn online for free.

Dear John - 2008 is rated/received certificates of: Australia:G

The movie, Dear John, was filmed in both North and South Carolina.