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Playtex does not offer a list of their models and actresses. At this point of time the red heads name is still unknown to the public.

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What is the name of the red haired girl in the vistaprint tv ad?

Alex grant. Always will be Alex grant so stop changing it.

Who is dark haired girl in sainsburys ad with jamie oliver?

Rosina Carbone

Is the dark haired girl in the progressive insurance ad the same girl that did the planters peanut ad?

No, the actress in the progressive commercials is Stephanie Courtney. The woman in the Planters commercial is Christa Woomer...who isn't that ugly.

Who is the girl wearing red in set wet zatak ad?

teri maa

Who is the girl getting her nails painted in the new helzberg ad?

Rachel Marsden ex Fox News Red Eye girl

Who is the girl in the red top and pink bottom bikini in the General Insurance ad?

JWOW AKA jenni farley

Is it a girl in the pull ups ad?

Its a girl

Is the white haired guy in the Advair sailboat ad number 1 from Star Trek 2nd Generation?


Who is the girl in tight red pants in the target ad?

Target has not released credits for their models. At this time none of the girls in red pants they have used in commercials names are known.

Who is this girl in nescafe decaf tv ad?

Thara Jordana is the girl in the Nescafe decaf television ad.

Who is the girl in the new ADT ad?

give us a link to the ad...

Who is the girl in the blue dress in digital playground ad?

The girl who is wearing blue in the digital playground ad is Rachel Giordano. She also appeared in a Lego ad in 1981.

Does is the girl die in Babylon ad?

Does the girl from Babylon AD die? If that's what you are asking then yea she dies after she gives birth.

Who is the girl in the Yahoo personals ad?

You mean this girl? or If someone knows the answer, please tell us!

Who is girl in Hersheys drops ad?

can't be certain .... but it looks like the same girl in the crest 3d ad ...Carolina Brandao

Who is the girl from the sexycom ad on piratebay?

The name of the girl that appeared on the sexy com ad on Piratebay is not known. Ads do not list credits.

Who is the girl in the Toyota Yaris Model Plane ad?

He is boy, not a girl.

Who is the girl in the Colgate ad?

aditi sharma

Who is the girl in the nook ad?

Jane Lynch

Who is the girl in the Truvia ad?

Natalie Terris

Who is girl in kingsmill ad?

Tara Berwin

Who is the girl in the metamucil ad?

Suzi Barrett

Is it a girl or boy in the pull ups ad?

I've been looking all ova the net for the new ad on tv and finally found out it is a girl.

Who is the girl in dairy milk silk girl with boy ad?

shivani joshi

Who is the girl in Zales Jewelry restaurant tv ad?

Cindi Blake is in the Zales Jewelry TV ad.

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